Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tons of FREEbies & Coupons!

FREEbie News:
Coupon News:
Store Coupon News:
  • Sears Portrait coupons: FREE Classic Wall Portrait, 20% off Entire Purchase, $2.99 sheets after purchase of 6 at $7.99. Expire 1/24/10.
Great News:

Pink Together 2-Day Giveaway is a site where anyone can share hope by posting and reading inspirng stories. Wheather you are a breast cancer survivor or have a story of a friend or loved one, you are free to post and share. You never know how your story could help and inspire someone else.

General Mills is also working to support Pink Together by donating $2 million to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. I'm sure you have also noticed that they have turned a lot of their packaging pink. They have also agreed to donate $1 (up to $20,000) everytime a comment of encouragement is posted, a virtual flower bouquet is sent, or share a story on until 10/31/09. You only have a couple days left to do this so please hurry.

What is better than helping a cause and paying nothing to do it? If you have a story or know someone who would appreciate a virtual flower bouquet, be sure to send one today and help the cause!

If you are interested in purchasing Komen for the Cure products, visit their site here.

For those of you who visit the site and do one of the three things above, you are eligible to enter a giveaway for an Inspiring Hope Gift Basket. Fill in the form below with which of the three things you did at

Paint Your Appliance Pink Guest Post

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, is hosting a Paint Your Appliance Pink sweeps to help raise $10,000 for Breast Cancer Research!

To enter the sweeps, simply paint a pink ribbon on any major home appliance and send a photo of it to (Water-based paints wipe right off!)

For each entry received, PartSelect will donate $25 to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation up to $10,000! Each entry will also get you a chance to win a Pink Prize Package valued at $369.97. Entries accepted until 11:59pm October 31 2009.

You can check all the details and other entries at Paint Your Appliance Pink.

Remember, Breast Cancer is the second most common form of cancer and the second leading cause of death in women. It is so common that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during her lifetime. If we all work together, we can find a cure!

Thanks to Jane from Part Select for this guest post!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fresh Deals Guest Post

Do you love to shop till you drop, but hate waiting in line for a parking spot? Or maybe your busy job ensures that you miss out on all the best offers in town? If you consider shopping to be a necessary evil, then its time you opened your eyes to the 24/7 world of online shopping.

Shopping online is quickly becoming a better alternative to getting the latest deals while saving money and time. Today’s retailers vie with each other to give customers an unforgettable, money saving and user-friendly online experience. Which means that customers are seriously spoiled for choice.

There are many tactics you can adopt to ensure you get the best deals on your purchases. Besides signing up for newsletters and other promotional alerts with your favorite stores, keep a watch for deals and discounts on certain products found in shopping sites, which are given, exclusively online. Shop at stores, which provide free home delivery or minimal shipping charges.

Getting accustomed to using a comparison-shopping site such as, will make it easier for you to find a cheap retailer. Set up your own account on an auction site such as Ebay, where you can buy or sell at highly competitive rates.

If a vacation is on your mind, then search for last minute airfare and hotel discounts on travel websites, and you could find some nice deals awaiting you. Thanks to the Internet, the world of retail is now at your doorstep.

Thanks to Jeff for this guest post!

Resource for Expectant, New or Toddler Parents

If you are an expectant parent, new parent or even a parent of a toddler, you may be interested to check out this site!

For expectant parents there are resources such as:
  • Swine Flu Pregnancy Should Knows
  • Pregnancy Dos & Don'ts
  • Pregnancy Guide
  • How to Deal with Morning Sickness
  • Pregnancy Safe Recipes
  • etc.
For new parents there are resources such as:
  • Baby Essentials
  • Baby of the Week Contest
  • Baby Safe Recipes
  • Best Halloween Costumes
  • etc.
For parents of toddlers there are resources such as:
  • Grossest Halloween Candy
  • LEGO Prize Package
  • Kids Eat Free
  • 10 Ways to Raise a Polite Child
  • Toddler Shopping
  • etc.
Be sure to check it out for yourself. You never know what you just might learn!

Nature Valley Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to Jennifer (jenniferrappaport @ ) for winning the Nature Valley Granola Clusters Giveaway!

If you haven't already, be sure to enter the $5 Kmart Gift Card Giveaway!

Monday, October 26, 2009

50 Followers Giveaway!

I am so excited to have 50 followers that I would like to offer a giveaway to you. If you are a follower of Mom on a Mission 2008, fill out the form below and you will be entered to win a $5 Kmart Gift Card! If you are not a follower, it is not too late. Click to become a Follower today.

There are extra entry options available also. Be sure to fill out the form seperately for each entry to count.

  • The first extra entry is to visit my other site MOAM Coupon Exchange.
  • Tweet about Mom on a Mission 2008. This can be about this giveaway or any post that you found interesting to share with others.
  • Blog about Mom on a Mission 2008. This can be about this giveaway or any post that you found interesting to share with others.
  • Tell me one thing that I could add or do differently to increase my traffic here at Mom on a Mission 2008.

7 FREE Items at Walgreens!


  • Charmin Bathroom Tissue 12ct $6.49. Use $.25/1 MFG (P 7/19/09 or P&G 9/27/09). $6.49-.25=$6.24. This makes it $.52/roll.
  • Palmolive Dish Liquid 10oz $.99. Use $.25/1 MFG (SS 10/25/09). $.99-.25=$.74.
  • Nestle Minis, Fun or Snack Size Candy 13.5-28oz B1G1(50%) $5.99. Use (2) $2/1 printable MFG. $5.99+3=$8.99-4=$4.99/2=$2.50/1.
  • Hershey's Harvest Candy 8.5oz 2/$5. Buy 4 & use B3G1 MFG (SS 10/18/09). $5x2=$10-2.50=$7.50/4=$1.88/1.
  • Dove Silky Smooth Candy 9.5oz 2/$6. Use (2) $1/1 MFG (RP 8/16/09). $6-2=$4/2=$2/1.
  • Mars Minis 9.5-11.5oz 2/$6. Buy 3 & use $1/3 MFG (RP 10/11/09). $9-1=$8/3=$2.67/1.
  • Nestle Minis 9.5-11.5oz 2/$6. Use $1/2 MFG (Disney Family Fun 10/09 or Parents 10/09). $6-1=$5/2=$2.50/1.
  • Nature Valley Bars 6ct B1G1 $3.99. Use (2) $.40/1 MFG (GM 9/13/09). 3.99-.80=$3.19/2=$1.60/1.
  • Kellogg's Eggo Waffles 10ct 2/$4. Use (2) $.55/1 MFG (RP 10/4/09). $4-1.10=$2.90/2=$1.45/1.
  • Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls 2/$4. Use $1/2 MFG (RP 8/30/09). $4-1=$3/2=$1.50/1.
  • Simply Asia Soup Bowl 2.5oz $.89. Use $.50/1 MFG (RP 8/30/09). $.89-.50=$.39.
  • Hormel Chili or Dinty Moore Beef Stew 10.5 or 15oz 4/$5. Buy 6 & use (2) $2/3 MFG (SS 10/18/09). $5x2=$10-4=$6/6=$1/1.
  • Tidy Cat Scoop Litter 14lb 2/$10. Use (2) $1/1 MFG (SS 8/8/09 or RP 10/4/09). $10-2=$8/2=$4/1.
  • Dole Fruit Bowls 4ct 3/$5. Use (3) $1/1 MFG (Fitness 10/09). $5-3=$2/3=$.67 each. (NOTE: There are also $.55/1 MFG available from SS 8/8/09 or $1/2 MFG from All You 8/28/09, Parenting Early Years 4/09 or 9/09, or Parenting 10/09.)
  • Energizer Max Batteries 8ct AA or AAA, 4ct C or D, 2ct 9V $5.99. Use $1/1 MFG (SS 10/4/09). $5.99-1=$4.99.
  • Smooth Away $9.99. Use $1/1 MFG (RP 8/2/09). $9.99-1=$8.99.
  • Woolite Heavy Traffic B1G1 $5.99. Use (2) $1/1 MFG (SS 8/30/09). $5.99-2=$3.99/2=$2/1.
  • L'Oreal Makeup B1G1 $7.99 & Up. Use (2) $2/1 MFG (RP Nestle 9/13/09 or 10/18/09). $7.99-4=$3.99/2=$2/1.
  • Just for Men Hair Color $5.99. Use $1/1 printable MFG. $5.99-1=$4.99.
  • Advil Pain Relief 40 or 50ct $4.99. Use $1/1 MFG (RP 8/24/09 or printable). $4.99-1=$3.99.
  • Advil PM 16 or 20ct $4.99. Use $2/1 MFG (Advil Peelie, RP Nestle 9/13/09 or printable). $4.99-2=$2.99.
  • Dove Conditioner 12oz B1G1 $4.99. Use (2) $1.50/1 MFG (RP 10/4/09). $4.99-3=$1.99/2=$1/1.
Use WC in ad:
  • Kleenex Facial Tissue 78, 90 or 110ct $.89 w/ WC in ad. Buy 3 & use $.50/3 MFG (SS 10/4/09). $.89x3=$2.67-.50=$2.17/3=$.72/1.
  • Reese's Halloween Candy Pumpkin 1.2oz 3/$2 w/ WC in ad. Use (3) $.55/1 MFG (SS 8/24/09). $2-1.65=$.35/3=$.12/1.
  • Trident Layers 14ct Gum $.99 w/ WC in ad. Buy 2 & use B1G1 MFG (SS 10/18/09). $.99/2=$.50/1.
  • Mentos 15ct Gum $.99 w/ WC in ad. Use $.55/1 MFG (SS 8/16/09, SS Ortho 9/13/09, or SS 10/11/09). $.99-.55=$.44.
  • Quaker Quick-1 Minute Oats 18oz B1G1 $3.19 w/ WC in ad. Use $1.25/2 MFG (RP 8/30/09). $3.19-1.25=$1.94/2=$.97/1.
  • Ziploc Bags 15-25ct Freezer or Storage or 100ct Sandwich 2/$5 w/ WC in ad. Use $1/2 MFG (SS Ortho 9/13/09 or Woman's Day 10/6/09). $5-1=$4/2=$2/1.
  • Listerine Whitening Quick Dissolving Strips 56ct $9.99 w/ WC in ad. Use $3/1 MFG (RP 4/26/09 or SS 6/14/09). $9.99-3=$6.99.
  • Carefree Pantiliners 22ct $.99 w/ WC in ad. Use $1/1 MFG (Parents 2/09, Shape 2/09, 3/09, Cosmopolitan 2/09, 3/09 or SS 8/30/09). FREE after MFG!
  • Revlon Colorsilk Hair Color $1.99 w/ WC in ad. Buy 2 & use $1/2 MFG (SS 10/4/09). $1.99x2=$3.98-1=$2.98/2=$1.49/1.
RR Deals:
  • Glade Fabric & Air Sanitizer $2.99. Buy 2 & use B1G1 MFG. Get $1 RR. $2.99-1=$1.99/2=$1/1.
  • Softsoap Ensembles Hand Soap Pump $5.99 & Base $3.99. Buy 1 of each & use B1G$3 MFG (SS 10/25/09). Get $4 RR. $5.99+3.99=$9.98-3-4=$2.98/2=$1.49/1.
  • Suave Deodorant 3/$5. Use (3) $.50/1 MFG (RP 10/25/09). Get $2 RR. $5-1.50-2=$1.50/3=$.50/1.
  • Degree Deodoarnt 2/$7. Use (2) $.75/1 MFG (RP Nestle 9/13/09). Get $2 RR. $7-1.50-2=$3.50/2=$1.75/1.
  • Colgate Total Toothpaste 2-in-1, 4.6 or 6oz $2.99. Use $1/1 MFG (SS 10/25/09 or printable). Get $1 RR. $2.99-1-1=$.99.
  • B$20G$5 pg.14 Deal: Buy 1 Bayer Contour or Breeze2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System $14.99 & (2) Bayer $4.99. Use Up to $30/1 MFG (RP 2/1/09, 10/25/09 or Product Show or use MIR in box) & (2) $1.50/1 MFG (RP 7/26/09, RP 9/27/09, printable or use (1) $3/2 MFG from RP 9/27/09). 14.99+9.98=$24.97-14.99-3-5=$1.98 for all 3 items!
  • Dr. Scholl's Foot Care $7.99 & Up. Buy 1 at $10 & get $5 RR. $10-5=$5.
  • Dulcolax Balance 7-Day $7. Use $3/1 MFG (Product Peelie on Box). Get $4 RR. FREE after MFG & RR!
  • Beano To Go 12ct $2.49. Use $1/1 printable MFG. Get $2.50 RR. $2.49-1-2.50=$+1.01 after MFG & RR!
  • Fiber Choice 10ct $2.49. Get $2.50 RR. FREE after RR!
  • Super Poligrip Denture Adhesive $2. Get $2 RR. FREE after RR!
Monthly RR Deals:
  • Crest Baking Soda & Peroxide Toothpaste 6.4oz $2. Buy 2 & use (2) $1/1 MFG (P&G 9/27/09). Get $2 RR. $2x2=$4-2-2=FREE after MFG & RR!
  • Vaseline Sheer Infusion Lotion 6.8oz $6.99. Use $.50/1 MFG (RP 10/18/09). Get $7 RR. $6.99-.50-7=$+.51.
  • Halls Refresh Sugar-Free 20ct $1. Use $.75/1 MFG (SS 9/27/09). Get $1 RR. $1-.75-1=$+.75.
  • ChapStick Fresh Effects $2.99. Get $3 RR. FREE after RR!
  • Robitussin To Go 2ct Single Dose Packs $2.49. Use $2/1 printable MFG. Get $2.50 RR. $2.49-2-2.50=$+2.01!
  • Emergen-C Booster $3.49. Get $3.50 RR. FREE after RR!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

MOAM Coupon Exchange!

Hey couponers, good news, there is a coupon exchange you can join.

Don't you hate throwing away coupons that you won't use? I sure do! Wouldn't it be better to trade those coupons for ones you will be more likely to use.

Are you a mom of an older child and always seem to get formula coupons in the mail? Wouldn't you like to turn those formula coupons into FREE shave gel or snacks for lunches, etc?

The possibilities are endless. Go on over to my other site MOAM Coupon Exchange and read the details to this awesome new program. While you are there, leave me a comment to tell me you visited or join the program!
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