Monday, March 9, 2009

Tips For Beginners - Abbreviations

For those of you who are starting out with couponing or following couponing blogs, you may have hard times with abbreviations. One of my readers asked that I post a special post all about their meanings. Hopefully this will be helpful to a lot of you.
  • WG = Walgreens
  • WC = Walgreens Coupons
  • ESC = Easy Saver Coupons from the savings booklets at Walgreens that you can pick up at the front door. These booklets change monthly.
  • ESR = Easy Saver Rebates which are also found in the savings booklet at Walgreens.
  • Catalina = seperate printer at the registers that prints coupons or register rewards.
  • RR = Register Rewards that print from the catalinas at the register. They are basically in store credit.
  • Tearoffs = These are coupons that you can get off tearpads in the stores. They are offered on various items from time to time. (NOTE: Whenever I see them, I grab 4 coupons even if I don't need those items. You never know when there may be a great deal that comes along!)
  • Blinkies = These are the mechanical coupon machines that you see from time to time in the stores. You grab a coupon and another gets ready to come out. (NOTE: I always grab these also!)
  • Coloring/Activity Booklet = Walgreens has these in their kids coloring isle. It has jungle animals on the front and 1 sheet of small coupons on the inside when you open the front cover. See example in my post here, scroll down to picture 4. These come out yearly.
  • CVSC = CVS store coupons.
  • ECB = Extra Care Bucks which are like register rewards that print out at the register. They are basically in store credit.
  • TC = Target in store coupons.
  • TGC = Target Gift Card. These get issued if you purchase a certain number of things or can be purchased in store.
  • KC = Kmart in store coupons.
  • IGAC = IGA in store coupons.
  • MFG = Manufacturers coupons.
  • TS = Trial size.
  • B1G1 = Buy one get one.
  • $/$ = You get so much money off if you spend so much. For instance $3/$15 means if you spend $15, you will get $3 off.
  • RP = Red Plum coupon circular that comes in the Sunday paper, local journals or in your mailbox in select areas.
  • SS = Smart Source circular that comes in the Sunday paper, local journals or in your mailbox in select areas.
  • P&G = Proctor & Gamble coupon circular that comes out 2 times per month in the Sunday paper.
  • P = Parade Magazine that comes out in the Sunday paper. This has coupons on occasion so it is always good to check it before throwing it out.
  • MIR = Mail In Rebates that you purchase the item and fill out a form and mail in to the companies for reimbursement. I always try to use a coupon when purchasing these items so that I get my stamp paid for. :)
  • ct = count or number of items in the package.
  • Sz = Size.
  • B$G$RR = This means that you spend so much and you get so much in register rewards. For instance, B$25G$10RR means that you have to spend $25 worth and you will get a $10 register reward at the register.
  • Mailer = These are coupons that are sent directly from the manufacturer either in booklet or seperate form.
  • OOP = Out of Pocket.
  • J&J = Johnson & Johnson products.
  • $/# = This is a coupon value of so much money off if you buy so many. For instance, $1/3 means you will save $1 when you purchase 3 of the product.
  • Printable Coupons = coupons that you can print at home. Some have a limit of how many times you can print them (usually 2 per computer) others do not (usually PDF format which means they can be saved to your computer and printed over and over).

I think I covered them all. Check back here periodically. I will add new ones here when I think of them. I will include a link to this post on my left side bar. If there are any that I missed, please comment here and I will add them to the list.

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