Thursday, September 24, 2015

Disney On Ice Let's Celebrate Review

My family and I went to the Disney on Ice show tonight sponsored by Feld Entertainment.  It was an AMAZING SHOW!  There have been other Disney shows that started out great but lost my interest half way through.  This one was not that.  I loved the show from start to finish!
What I think I liked the most was that it really seemed like they tried to make it more friendly for the boys this time around.  Generally the performances are very princess heavy but this one was a great mix.  There was a little Fantasia dancing brooms which was black light glow and looked really fun and cool.  Some of the Toy Story crew came out and danced around.  Porky, Jesse, Woody, Buzz, Purple Troll, Rex and a Green Soldier all strutted their stuff.  It was a very fun scene that we all enjoyed.
There was also Jack and the Halloween crew with some of the other famous Disney villains.  For my middle child who loves the villains the most, this lit him up so much.  The smile on his sweet little face and all the excitement made me so excited I bought a $15 snow cone cup for them, ha-ha!  The villains were all really neat and a great addition to the show.

Then there was some adventures with Mickey and Minnie losing each other and traveling to different places and finally meeting in New Orleans for Mardi Gras.  It was a neat scene as well.  I really enjoyed it.  Then all the princesses and whole crew came out for the grand finale.  Like I said before, great show.  Be sure to not miss this one.  You and your littles will really enjoy it!
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