Thursday, January 28, 2016

Disney on Ice Treasure Trove Review

Tonight's show was fantastic and my kids loved it.  The best parts were seeing the cast from Toy Story as well as the great costumes for Aladdin.  My least favorite was the Lion King scene with Scar as he made several mistakes and I was not a fan of showing the King getting killed.  Pumba was adorable of course. 

We had seen Peter Pan before and this was ok but not as detailed and fun as we had seen in previous shows.  Alice in Wonderland was great and the cards with the Queen of Hearts did a great job, especially with their lines.  Little Mermaid was cute and the skater who played Ariel was fantastic and very talented.

 Tiana made a short appearance but it was highly energized and the kids really liked it.  Rapunzel even showed up at the end! It was great seeing all of the cast (including some princesses not featured in main part like Cinderella and Mulan) which was absolutely beautiful.  Overall it was a fun family night out! 

Be sure to get your tickets before it's too late.  There are still a few show times to choose from!
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