Friday, August 15, 2008

Fantastic Freebies & Cool Coupons for YOU!!!

  • BPA-Free Breastmilk Bottle FREE here.
  • Play Lubricants from Durex Sample here.
  • Christmas in August Give-away from Homecoming Radio here.
  • Pizza Hut FREE Delivery on Online Orders of $8+ here.
  • FREE Will & Estate Planning Kit from American Heart Assoication here.
  • Lactaid Lactose Intolerance Supplement Sample here.
  • FREE Teen Driver Handbook here.
  • Wendy's Coupons here.
  • Aveeno Active Naturals $2 printable coupon here.
  • Cheerios $1/1 printable coupon here.

Money Saving Tips for the Beginner - Part C: Coupon Organizing

On Monday, I touched on the topic of Coupon Attaining, then on Coupon Clipping. Now lets talk about Coupon Organizing. It is very important to be able to quickly find the coupons you are looking for. If you have them in some sort of binder or tabbed device, it will be so much easier. When you are first starting out you can simply use an accordian binder which looks like the below picture.It doesn't have to be the kind that attaches to the cart but you get the idea. In the accordian binder, you can label your different coupon categories. Usually there are only about 10 slots to label so here are some examples of categories you could divide to:
  1. Beverages (including all drinkable items),
  2. Breads (including breads, pastries, buns, donuts, crackers, croutons, etc.),
  3. Canned/Fresh (including vegetables, fruits, soups, pie fillings, etc.)
  4. Cleaners (including air sanitizers, candles, cleaning products, laundry soaps, etc.)
  5. Cooking Ingredients (including seasonings, spices, sugar, vanilla, etc.)
  6. Dairy (including milk, ice cream, dips, yogurt, pudding, etc.)
  7. Frozen Foods (including fruits, vegetables, meats, ready-to-make meals, ect.)
  8. Hygiene (including feminine care products, deodorant, shampoo/conditioner, etc.)
  9. Medicine (including vitamins, pain relievers, band-aids, etc.)
  10. Miscellaneous (including everything else.

These can vary but that just gives you an idea. You will find which categories really work best for you and you may change them a few times. If you find that your Dairy category is always really thin and your Medicine is huge, you may want to combine your Dairy with your Beverage and break up your Medicine into Medicine & Vitamin.

Once your coupon collection gets large, the accordian style may not work well anymore. My cousin uses the envelope style. You get a picture box or Rubbermaid container (like the picture below) and a pack of envelopes.

You can then label each envelope with your coupon categories. Since the envelopes are only so big and you want to make finding your coupons easier, you will need to expand your list of categories. Here are the categories I use:

  1. Baby-Food
  2. Baby-Diapers/Wipes
  3. Baby-Medicine
  4. Baby-Products (Bath, Clothes, Nursing Products, etc.)
  5. Bags (Containers, Trash, Foil, Wraps, etc.)
  6. Batteries/Film
  7. Baking (Ingredients, Pie Crusts, Box Mixes)
  8. Beverages
  9. Breakfast (Eggs, Frozen Breakfast Meals, Oatmeal, etc.)
  10. Candy/Gum
  11. Cereal
  12. Chips
  13. Candles
  14. Cleaners-All Purpose
  15. Cleaners-Bathroom
  16. Cleaners-Dishes
  17. Cleaners-Disinfectant
  18. Cleaners-Floor
  19. Cleaners-Insect (Bug Sprays, Insect Repellents, etc.)
  20. Cleaners-Laundry
  21. Clothes
  22. Dairy
  23. Frozen/Fresh Veggies or Fruits
  24. Health Foods
  25. Hygiene-Deodorant (Deodorants & Body Sprays)
  26. Hygiene-Face (Facial Cleansers/Moisturizers)
  27. Hygiene-Feminine
  28. Hygiene-Hair (Shampoo/Conditioners, Stylers, etc.)
  29. Hygiene-Hair Dye
  30. Hygiene-Lotion
  31. Hygiene-Makeup
  32. Hygiene-Shaving
  33. Hygiene-Soap
  34. Hygiene-Teeth
  35. Meats
  36. Medical-Bandaid (Neosporin, Bandaids, etc.)
  37. Medical-Eye
  38. Medical-Sinus/Allergy
  39. Medical-Stomach (Antacids, Dietary Supplements, Laxatives, etc.)
  40. Medical-Miscellaneous
  41. Medical-Pain Relief
  42. Medical-Vitamin
  43. Paper Products
  44. Pet-Cat
  45. Pet-Dog
  46. Sauces/Seasonings
  47. Snacks

If you are more of a binder than a box person, you may choose to do what I do and get a 3” 3-ring binder and trading card plastic inserts. I was able to pick up a 3” binder at Walgreens for $3 and the trading card inserts at Wal-Mart for $.75 per 9-pack. Here are some pictures of what I use.

For me, this is easier to carry and sort through but you may prefer the box with a lid. Again, it is all about finding what works best for you but I think organization is definitely essential!

If you have another organization method you use or an idea for one and would be willing to share, please leave a comment here. Come back soon for Part D: Samples & Rebates.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fabulous Freebies & Cool Coupons!

  • LilliPads Menstrual Pack Sample here.
  • Simply Discrete Feminine Protection Disposal Sample here.
  • Gillette Venus Embrace Razor FREE to the first 500 to fill out info here.
  • Phone Holder FREE here.
  • Mountain Meadow Herbs Sample FREE to the first 500 to sign up here.
  • Old Orchard Healthy Balance Juice Coupons worth $5 here.

Don't forget the current FREE Redbox codes are: DBERG18 & BREAKROOM. Go and enjoy some FREE movies! Find other freebies? Post them in a comment here and share them with everyone!

Money Saving Tips for the Beginner - Part B: Coupon Clipping

Yesterday I touched on the important aspect of coupon attaining. Now once you have all these wonderful, money saving coupon books, how do you know which coupons to clip.

When you are first starting out, I would suggest that you only clip the coupons you think you will use. So, you will take your Red Plum, Smart Source, or P&G coupon books and you will scan through them first of all. This gives you an overall view of what products are represented. Next, you will grab your scissors and clip the coupons of items that your family will use. You will then place a sticky note on the front of the coupon book with the date and which type of book (Red Plum 8/10/08). This makes it easier to go back to these coupons later if you need to.

Be sure to hold onto these extra coupons. If there happens to be a great sale or by chance you will get something for FREE, you will be happy you saved these extras. I have found that the things that I would normally not purchase, end up being FREE or really cheap with a sale and I am willing to try them then.

When you get more comfortable with your coupon clipping, you may decide to clip everything. I have found that doing so works best for me because when I go into the stores and scan the clearance aisles, I can get great deals on the "other things" and want to have the coupons already clipped and ready.

You ask, “Do you bring all the coupons you have to every store?” Yes, of course! How do I know what could end up a great deal? I may not bring them all into the store but I definitely have them in the car and can run out there if I need one.

If any of you are on a tight budget, which happens from time to time, you may want to just stick to a list. You make a list of the deals that you want to get at the store and just stick to that (or print what I post for each store & highlight what you want/need of those deals). What works best for me is to have an envolope with the name of each store on the front. I will then place all the coupons that go with the deals for each of the respective stores. I will take these envelopes and the lists into the stores with me. I will get all these things and then check out. If you are sticking to a list, make sure you do just that. Do not browse the store or the clearance aisles. If you do this, you are bound to leave with more than what is on your list.

Internet coupons are a tricky aspect. I touched on internet coupon sites yesterday. The first of every month coupons are added and deleted from these sites, but not all. The tricky part is knowing which ones will be deleted. Unfortunately, there is no way to know this. What makes this tricky is that once you print the coupons, they are only good for a limited time. Once you print them twice, you have reached your limit and will not be able to print them again.

Say for instance, you print your two coupons for Dove bodywash, hoping to find a great deal. The coupons you printed say they expire on 8/23/08. You wait and watch and 8/23/08 comes and goes and there were no great deals. Now your coupons have expired and on 8/26/08, you find a great deal for the Dove bodywash. What a bummer! The coupons you could have had you do not now because you printed them too soon! Now you have to find a friend who will let you print the coupons from their computer to have them.

What I do is just wait until I need the coupons before I print them. That way they do not expire before I can use them. First of all this saves paper from being wasted and secondly they will be valid when I need them. There has only been a few instances when I wished I would have printed them because they were removed from the coupon sites and were not there when I needed them.
So now we touched on how to get coupons and which ones to clip. If you have any other ideas on Part B, please comment here. Come back tomorrow for Part C: Coupon Organization.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Party City Stock Up & Save Sale!

  • 1/2 Size Steam Pan $.39.
  • Chafing Fuel $.69.
  • Solid Beverage Napkins 5oct 3-ply $.99.
  • Plastic Tablecover 54"x108" $.99.
  • 81' Crepe Streamer $.49.
  • 500 Yard Curling Ribbon $1.24.
  • Kids Patterned Birthday, Baby, & Wedding Patterned Tableware 50% off.
  • Several Select Summer Decorative Items 50% off.

If you find any different deals for this week, post a comment here and share it with everyone!

Aldi Special Purchases for this Week

The deals begin on August 14th.
  • Nectarines, Peaches or Plums $.19.
  • Whole Red Ripe Seedless Watermelon ~16lb $2.99.
  • Blueberries Pint $.99.

If you find any different deals for this week, post a comment here and share it with everyone!

Dierberg's Deals for Week of August 12-18

  • Homegrown In Husk Corn $.37.
  • Homegrown Peaches $1.48/lb.
  • Zucchini, Yellow Squash or Eggplant $.88/lb.
  • Nabisco Snak Saks 12ct 8oz Bags 2/$3. Use $.75/2 MFG. $3-.75=$2.25/2=$1.12/1.
  • Cheerios Snack Mix 2/$5. Use (2) $.60/1 printable MFG here. $5-1.20=$3.80/2=$1.90/1.
  • Gerber 2nd Foods Baby Food 10/$5.
  • CoffeeMate Flavored Creamers 2/$4. Use (2) $.50/1 MFG. $4-1=$3/2=$1.50/1.
  • Yoplait Yo-Kids, Fizzix, or Go-Gurt Kids Yogurt 2/$5. Use $1/2 MFG or printable MFG here. $5-1=$4/2=$2/1.

If you find any different deals for this week, post a comment here and share it with everyone!

Menus Monday!

Do any of you have trouble planning meals for your family? I know I do. I wait too long to plan and either don't have the time or the ingredients needed to make any one meal. I seem to have a lot of miscellaneous ingredients but never enough for one particular meal. Here is a resource I found that may help anyone like me to be more efficient at meal planning. It is "Menu in a Box 100 Day Meal Planning Kit" so go here to get it.

Collectable Coupons, Fantastic Freebies & Spectacular Samples!

  • P&G Coupons worth $74 here. (Thanks Freebies4Mom!)
  • FREE CoffeeShop Gift here for fashion savvy women.
  • Unistik 3 Blood Sampling Device FREE here.
  • Orville Redenbacher Snack Cakes Sample here. You can pick from Cheddar or Caramel to try.
  • Post-It Super Sticky Recycled Notes Sample here.
  • Clorox2 Colors Sample here. You can choose from Original or Lavendar scent.
  • Curel Life Stages Sample here.
  • FREE Redbox Code Courtesy of Dierbergs: DBERG18.

Find more? Post them in a comment here.

Money Saving Tips for the Beginner - Part A

If you are just starting out in the couponing world, I have a few tips for you. I have learned many things through trial and error but am still learning. There is always something else to learn or try for greater success.

The most important necessity to money saving is attaining coupons. There are several ways of doing this:
  1. Receiving the Sunday paper is the easiest way. You can either get a subscription to the Sunday paper or go to a local business that sells them and purchase one every week. In the St. Louis area, the most inexpensive place to purchase the Sunday paper is at Dollar Tree or Big Lots. They are still $1 at both of these places (last time I checked). The first Sunday of every month usually contains 3 coupon books (Red Plum, Smart Source & Proctor Gamble) so you may choose to buy more than one paper.
  2. Another way to get coupons is to ask friends and family to save you theirs. Many people receive the Sunday paper and only take a few, if any, coupons out of it. Ask them to give you what they have left after they clip. I do this and find that the coupons they take are not the ones that I end up using anyways which works out great!
  3. Ask local businesses if you can have the papers that they do not sell every week. In some regions this does not work because the newspapers collect the remaining ones on Monday. Here in St. Louis, that is the case. The St. Louis Post collects their remaining papers from the businesses for credit. It is worth a shot though. Call the gas station near your house or the local market and ask what they do with the Sunday papers that they do not sell. You just might get lucky! You will have to be able to pick the papers up from the stores first thing on Monday, they do not want to hold on to them.
  4. Another method is to dumpster dive. You go to your local newspaper recycle bin and dig through the papers people leave behind for the coupon books. Sometimes this pays off, other times it is very disappointing. Don't drive a long way to get to a recycle bin in the chance that you may do it for nothing. Stop at one in passing. The key to success in this method is to find out when the bins get emptied and go the day before.
  5. Next is to find and use internet coupons. Most stores take internet coupons but there are a few that do not so this method is not always the best. There are several coupon sites that you can go to to print coupons. You can find the ones that I find the most helpful on my blog so start there. Most of the coupons sites have a cap of 2 prints per coupon per computer. If you know you need 8 coupons but only have 2 computer, find a friend or family member that will let you come over and print coupons. You can also visit your local library. You are able to print coupons from the library for their sheet charge which is usually around $.10. Also be sure to come back and visit my blog. I post several internet coupons on my deals postings every week so you do not have to search for them yourself.
  6. Grab blinkies or tear offs at the stores you visit. There are little blinking machines or tear off pads throughout many stores. When I see a blinking machine, I usually take a minimum of 4 coupons. For tear offs, I just grab a bundle of them. Even if you think you would never use them, it does not hurt to take them. You just might be surprised how handy they come in!
  7. Finally, sign up for FREE samples! A lot of the time if you sign up for a sample, the manufacturer includes coupons also. This is not always the case but I have received many great coupons this way!

If you have found other ways of attaining coupons, please post a comment here and let us know how! Don't forget to come back here tomorrow for Part B!

Schnucks Deals for Week of August 11-17

  • Eckert's Tree Ripened Peaches $1.48/lb.
  • Schnucks Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts $1.99/lb. Sold in 3lb Bags.
  • Kraft BBQ Sauce 2/$1.
  • Hormel Black Label Bacon $4.99 B1G1. Use (2) $.50/1 MFG. $4.99-1=$3.99/2=$2/1.
  • Green Seedless Grapes $1.79/lb.
  • Betty Crocker Cake Mix $10/10.
  • Barilla Pasta 11/$10.
  • Regular or Diet 7Up or Dr. Pepper 12-pack Cans 4/$9.88.
  • Wet Ones Travel Size Wipes 10/$10. Use (10) $.55/1 MFG. $10-5.50=$4.50/10=$.45/1.

If you find any different deals for this week, post a comment here and share it with everyone!

2 Houses for Sale in the STL

Kim asked me to spread the word on these 2 great houses she is trying to sell.

  • The first house is a super cute, 2 bedroom, 1 bath, all brick, brand new updated kitchen, located off hampton, within walking distance to forest park, off street parking, full-dry basement.
  • The second is a second floor, 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo, vaulted ceilings, 2 walk-in closets, laundry room in unit, secure coded entry.

Both are priced at $114,900 (the condo was bought for 124,000 only 3 years ago, so it's a great deal!) They're both listed with Coldwell Banker, feel free to email me for more information!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

800 wins!

Only 38 more views to go! Don't forget, if you happen to be the 800th viewer to email me and you will receive a prize!

Olympics Side Note

Most of you are aware that the 2008 Olympics started on August 8th. Though controversial due to being in China, it is an amazing event. I have been watching our US teams competing and they are doing amazing! Though many have disagreement with the games being held in China, I feel we should still be loyal to our country's athletes and cheer them on. The way we can do this is by watching the games. The local TV channels & internet record how many people watch each show. I don't know about you but if I was playing to try to bring home a gold metal to my country, I would want to know that I have a support group. I hope you are all just as excited for our competitors as I am. It takes great talent and dedication to do what they do. Each of us are gifted in some way in our lives. If we dedicated all the time and effort that these athletes do to our gifts, we would be just as amazing. Just a side note of opinion. Feel free to share yours here.

Shop'n Save Deals for Week of August 10-16

Coupon Thursday: No coupon needed $10/$50 on Thursday, August 14th ONLY!
  • Rendelman Orchard Peaches $.98/lb.
  • SouthBeach Diet Cereal Bars 2/$4.98. Use (2) $1/1 MFG. $4.98-2=$2.98/2=$1.49/1.
  • Washington State Red or Gold Delicious Apples $1.78/lb.
  • Farmland Jumbo Deli Franks 16oz 4/$5. Use (2) $1/2 MFG. $5-2=$3/4=$.75/1.
  • Land O Frost Taste Escapes 2/$4. Use (2) $1/1 MFG. $4-2=$2/2=$1/1.
  • Armour Sizzle & Serve $10/10.
  • Kellogg's Deal: Buy 10 Kellogg's products, get $5 off at register with printable coupon here or coupon in ad. I didn't see any great deals for this.
  • Conagra Deal: Buy $20 worth and get $10 RR. Here are the items included: Orville Reddenbacher Microwave Popcorn 2/$3, Kid Cuisines 5/$10, Hunt's Snack Pack Pudding 10/$10, Marie Callendar Dinners or Pot Pies 4/$10, Healthy Choice Complete Selections 4/$10, Reddi Whip 2/$4.88, Wesson Oil $4.49, Hunt's Spaghetti Sauce 10/$10, Chef Boyardee Pasta 10/$10 & use (3) $1/3 MFG, Peter Pan Peanut Butter 3/$5, Pam Cooking Spray 2/$5, Hunt's Ketchup 10/$10, or Crunch 'n Munch 10/$10.
  • Pampers Diapers $8.97. Use $1.50/1 MFG. $8.97-$1.50=$7.47.
  • General Mills Deal: Buy 10 GM Products & get $10 off with printable coupon here or in ad. Coupons you could use: Cereal $1/2 MFG, Fiber One Bars $.60/1 MFG or printable MFG here, Curves Bars $.75/1 MFG or printable MFG here, Nature Valley Bars $.60/1 MFG or printable MFG here, or Cinnamon Toast Crunch $.55/1 printable MFG here. Best Deal: Buy 10 Curves Bars & use (10) $.75/1 MFG. $2.50x10=$25-7.50-10=$7.50/10=$.75/1. I did this deal last week with 5 Fiber One, 4 Curves & 1 Nature Valley bars & paid less than $10 for all of them!

If you find any different deals for this week, post a comment here and share it with everyone!

Target Deals for Week of August 10-16

  • BIC Grip Mechanical Pencils with .7mm or .5mm Lead 5ct or Wite-Out Correction Tape 2/$4. Use $1/2 MFG. $4-1=$3/2=$1.50/1.
  • Vinyl Pencil Pouch, Pencil Box or Stretchable Book Cover $.50.
  • Construction Paper 96ct or Drawing Paper 40ct or Crayola Colored Pencils 12ct $.88.
  • Fructis Value Pack Curl Spray Gel or Sleek & Shine 8.5oz with bonus 8.5oz Shampoo $2.99. Use $1/1 MFG. $2.99-1=$1.99.
  • CoverGirl TruBlend Liquid Makeup or .38oz Powder Foundation $6.99. Use B1 Foundation G1 Face Product & $1/1 MFG. Final price depends on what you choose.
  • Contemporary Home 30"x54" Bath Towel $3.79.
  • Friskies Selected 32ct Canned Cat Food $12.49. Buy 2 & get $5 TGC. $12.49x2=$25-5=$20/64 Cans=$.31/can.
  • Tidy Cats 35+3lb Litter $10.99. Buy 2 & use (2) $1/1 MFG. Get $5 TGC. $10.99x2=$21.98-2-5=$14.98/2=$7.49.
  • Gerber Graduates Finger Foods or Juice treats 3/$5.

Coupons Currently Available Online for Target here. Remember, you can stack these with MFG also which makes the deals even sweeter!

  • Partyware Purchase $3/$15. Expires 2/18/09.
  • Softsoap Brand Spa Radiant Body Wash 18oz $1/1. Expires 10/4/08.
  • IAMS Premium Protection Food 6lb+ $5/1. Expires 10/4/08.
  • Archer Farms Muffins 4 or 6ct $.50/1. Expires 8/30/08.
  • Archer Farms Oven Roasted Chicken $1/1. Expires 8/30/08.
  • Archer Farms Cookies $1/2. Expires 8/30/08.
  • Canada Dry, Sunkist, A&W, Dr. Pepper, or 7-Up 12-pack Soda $1/1. Expires 8/30/08.
  • Pepperidge Farms Goldfish Bag 6.6oz $.50/1. Expires 8/30/08.
  • Mountain Dew or Diet Mountain Dew 12-pack Soda $1/1. Expires 8/30/08.
  • Pringles King Cans $.50/2. Expires 8/30/08.
  • Propel Water 6-pack $.40/1. Expires 8/30/08.
  • Archer Farms Coffee 12oz $1/1. Expires 8/30/08.
  • Bowl Appetit Boxed Meal $1/1. Expires 8/30/08.
  • Campbell's Microwave Soup $.50/1. Expires 8/30/08.
  • Archer Farms Croissants 4-ct $.50/1. Expires 8/16/08.
  • Archer Farms Deli Meat 1lb or more $1/1. Expires 8/16/08. The key to the best savings on this is to buy $1 worth of meat at a time. So if it is $4/lb, you buy it in 1/4lb sections. That way you get it however much you want for FREE!
  • Ore-Ida Frozen Products $1/2. Expires 8/16/08.
  • Hot or Lean Pockets $1/1. Expires 8/16/08.
  • Archer Farms Chips $1/2. Expires 8/16/08.
  • Cheez-it Crackers $1/1. Expires 8/16/08.
  • Chex Mix Snack Mix $.50/1. Expires 8/16/08.
  • Ocean Spray Cranenergy Energy Juice Drink $1/1. Expires 8/16/08.
  • Quaker Simple Harvest Bars $.50/1. Expires 8/16/18.
  • Archer Farms Ice Cream $1/1. Expires 8/16/08.
  • Pepperidge Farms Bread Natural or Whole Grain $.50/1. Expires 8/16/08.
  • Scotch Fur Fighter Hair Grabber 5-pack $4/1. Expires 8/15/08.

If you find any different deals for this week, post a comment here and share it with everyone!

Michaels Deals for Week of August 10-16

  • Scrapbook Paper 12"x12" 4/$1.
  • Bead Heaven Beads & Findings $1.99.
  • T-Shirts 2/$5.
  • Kids Crafts 64ct Crayons 2/$1.
  • Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint 2oz 2/$1.
  • Hambly, Sticko, Sandylion, Little Letters & Alphabitties Stickers $.88.
  • White Foam Board 20"x30"x1/16" $1.
  • Packaged Foam Shapes & Stickers $1.99.
  • So Charming Charms & Chains $1.99.
  • Decocolor Paint Markers or Painters Paint Pens $1.99.

Store Events:

  • The Knack Saturdays: August 16 10am-Noon To Create a Monogram Canvas. $5/child, includes supplies.
  • FREE Demos & Make-It Take-Its During Back-To-School FREE Event August 16 from 1-4pm.

Kmart Deals for Week of August 10-16

  • Kellogg's 12-20oz Cereals or 8.8oz Cereal Straws, Quaker 14-16oz Cereals or 10ct Chewy Granola Bars 5/$10. Buy 6 Kellogg's & use (3) $1/2 MFG. $2x6=$12-3=$9/6=$1.50/1.
  • BIC Round Stic Pens 10ct 2/$1. Use $1/2 MFG. FREE after coupon.
  • CoverGirl Aquacurrent, Mascara or TruBlend B1G1. Best Deal: Buy 1 Foundation & 1 Face Product & use B1 Foundation G1 Face Product & (2) $1/1 MFG. Final price depends on what you choose.
  • HP Photo Paper B1G1. Use (2) $3/1 printable MFG here. Cost not listed in the ad so I'm not sure what the final cost will be. I will post when I find out.
  • 1-Bushel Laundry Basket $1.99.
  • 10Qt Wastebasket $1.99.
  • Marble Composition Books 2/$1.
  • American Fare Purified Drinking Water 24-pack 16.9oz Bottles $3.

If you find any different deals for this week, post a comment here and share it with everyone!

Walgreens Deal for Week of August 10-16

  • CoverGirl Eye Cosmetics B1G1. Best Deal: Buy 2 of either CG Queen Collection Eyeshadow Single or CG Brow & Eye Makers Brow Shaper & Eyeliner $2.99. Use (2) $1/1 MFG. $2.99x2=$6-2=$4/2=$2/1.
  • BIC Pens 12-pack SoftFeel Retractable Ballpoint or Pencils 24-pack Mechanical $1.99. Buy 2 & use $1/2 MFG. $1.99x2=$3.98-1=$2.98/2=$1.49/1.
  • BIC Round Stic Pens 2/$1. Use $1/2 MFG. FREE after coupon.
  • Nature Made Vitamins B1G1. Best Deal: Buy 2 Vitamin D 400 IU & use (2) $1.50/1 MFG. $4.19x2=$8.38-3=$5.38/2=$2.69/1.
  • M&Ms 11-14oz Bag 2/$4. Use $1/2 ESC & (2) $.75/1 MFG. $4-1-1.50=$1.50/2=$.75/1.
  • 1 Subject Notebook by Penway 60-sheet Wireless Wide Ruled or 70-sheet Wide or College Ruled 3/$1 with WC in ad.
  • Scott 4-roll Bathroom Tissue $1.99 with WC in ad. Use $1/1 MFG or printable MFG here. $1.99-1=$.99.
  • Hershey's Bliss 9.6oz Bag 2/$6. Use $2/2 ESC & (2) $1/1 MFG. $6-2-2=$2/2=$1/1. Just got a tip that is you buy 4 bags, you qualify for the ESR # 34 so here is the math: $6x2=$12-4-4-5=$+1. (Thanks Christy!)
  • Curves Snack Bars 2/$4. Use (2) $.75/1 MFG or printable MFG here. $4-1.50=$2.50/1=$1.25/1.
  • Fiber One Snack Bars 2/$4. Use (2) $.60/1 MFG or printable MFG here. $4-1.20=$2.80/2=$1.40/1.
  • Nabisco 100 Calorie Packs 2/$5. Use (2) $.70/1 MFG. $5-1.40=$3.60/2=$1.80/1.
  • Green Dot Prepaid Student Visa Card $9.95. Get $9.95 ESR. FREE after rebate.
  • Glade Scented Oil Candle Holder 1oz $4.99. Use $2/1 MFG. Get $2 ESR. $4.99-2-2=$.99.
  • Oust Candle Holder $4.99. Use $1/1 MFG. Get $2 ESR. $4.99-1-2=$1.99.
  • Glade Wisp Flameless Candle $5.99. Use $3/1 MFG. Get $2 ESR. $5.99-3-2=$.99.
  • L'Oreal Mascara, Eyeliner or Shadow B1G1. Best Deal: Buy 2 L'Oreal Wear Infinity Eye Shadow Singles $4.29. Use (2) $1/1 MFG. $4.29x2=$8.58-2=$6.58/2=$3.28/1.
  • L'Oreal Vive Pro Shampoo or Conditioner 13oz $4.99. Use $1/1 ESC, B1G1 MFG, (2) $1/1 MFG. $4.99x2=$9.98-2(ESC)-4.99-2=$.99/2=$.50/1. Since you will be using 4 coupons for 2 items, you will need 2 fillers like 2 single pencils which are only a few cents.
  • BIC Soleil Razor System or 4-pack Cartridges $5.99. Use $2/1 ESC & $3/1 MFG. $5.99-2-3=$.99.
  • Band-Aid Bandages 8-20-pack Ultra-Strips $2.99. Buy 2 & use (2) $1/1 MFG. Get $3 RR. $2.99x2=$5.98-2-3=$.98/2=$.49/1.
  • All Laundry Detergent 2/$8. Use (2) $1/1 MFG. Get $2 RR. $8-2-2=$4/2=$2/1.

FREE After ESR This Month:

  • Pert Plus 2-in-1 Shampoo/Conditioner 13.5oz $4.29. Use $3/1 MFG or $2/1 MFG or $1/1 MFG. Get $4.29 ESR. $+3 after coupon & rebate.
  • Jane Be Pure Mineral Powder, Blush or Foundation $4.99. Get $4.99 ESR. FREE after rebate.
  • Walgreens Soft White Light Bulbs 4-pack or 3-way Single $1.99. Get $1.99 ESR. FREE after rebate.
  • Living Solutions Vacuum Bags 21.5"x33.5", 13.4"x19.5", or 18"x22.5" 2-pack $5.99. Get $5.99 ESR. FREE after rebate.
  • Living Solutions Vacuum Bag 35"x48" $9.99. Get $9.99 ESR. FREE after rebate.
  • BioInfusion Organics or Olive Hair Care $5.99. Get $5.99 ESR. FREE after rebate. Limit 2!
  • Walgreens Pitcher Filter Replacement Cartridge $6.99. Get $6.99 ESR. FREE after rebate.

If you find any different deals for this week, post a comment here and share it with everyone!

Ink Stop Deals for Week of August 10-16

  • 2-Pocket Porfolios with or without prongs $.05. Limit 15.
  • #2 Wood Pencils with Eraser 12ct $.10. Limit 5.
  • Mead 1 Subject Notebook 70ct Wide or College Ruled $.10. Limit 5.
  • MEAD Composition Book Wide Ruled $.79. Limit 5.
  • Jumbo Glue Stick $.59. Limit 5.
  • Crayons 24ct $.27. Limit 5.
  • MEAD Filler Paper 150ct Wide or College Ruled $.19. Limit 5.

If you find any different deals for this week, post a comment here and share it with everyone!

Office Max Deals for Week of August 10-16

  • 2-Pocket Folder #0402-1276 $.01. Limit 10.
  • Officemax 12" Wood Ruler #2121-5472 $.01. Limit 3.
  • Officemax Brand Filler Paper $.15. Limit 4.
  • 1" & 1.5" Poly Binders $.30. Limit 10.

If you find any different deals for this week, post a comment here and share it with everyone!

Office Depot Deals for Week of August 10-16

Sunday through Wednesday ONLY!
  • Office Depot Value Eraser Caps 12-pack #206503 $.05. Limit 5.
  • Office Depot Value Semicircular 6" Protractor #713585 $.05. Limit 5.
  • Office Depot Brand Glue Sticks 4-pack White #438731, Blue #570991, or Purple 571131 $.50. Limit 2.
  • Crayola Classic Markers 10-pack #950055 $.50. Limit 2.

All Week:

  • Sharp Scientific Calculator #776501 $6.99. Get $6.99 MIR. FREE after rebate.

If you find any different deals for this week, post a comment here and share it with everyone!

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