Thursday, November 12, 2009

Operation Christmas Child & $5 Giveaway

It's that time of year again to think about the true meaning of Christmas. Christmas is not about receiving but about giving. God gave us the greatest gift of all, His Son. Can we not willingly give to others? We worry about what we will receive for Christmas and sometimes forget to give. There are many on this earth that have nothing at all. Wouldn't you like to be a part of making a difference for a child somewhere this Christmas? Join me in giving to Operation Christmas Child and Samaritan's Purse.

If you have been following my blog for a while, you may know that I have supported and donated to Samaritan's Purse for 3 consecutive years now. Last year because of my readers and church family, we donated over 20 shoe boxes to Operation Christmas Child.

Be sure to visit their website here for details. You can use any shoe box that you may have at home. If you don't have any shoe boxes, you can go by any shoe store and ask them for an extra shoe box or two to make a donation to Samaritan's Purse. Most shoe stores have extra boxes that get left behind that they would willingly give you. This will not only spread the word for Operation Christmas Child but it will get you a box to fill.

There are specific items that the children need or would like and others that are not allowed to be shipped in the boxes so visit here for those details.

The collection date for the shoe boxes is November 16-23rd so there is only a little over a week to get together the boxes.

Giveaway: I would like to offer a chance to win a $5 Target Gift Card to anyone who puts together a shoe box to give to Operation Christmas Child. If you make a shoe box, you can choose a drop off place or you can drop them off to me. If you drop them off to me, I will enter you into the giveaway. If you drop it off to another location, you will need to take a picture of your filled box and tell me where you dropped it off at (You can post the picture on Facebook or email it to me.). A third option is that you can donate (at least $10) money to Operation Christmas Child. For this, you can just email me a copy of the receipt (please black out or delete any credit card information).

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Walgreens Deals!


Be sure to use the $5/$25 coupon in the ad this week. There is a limit of 1 per customer. You can use 1 per transaction at most stores.

  • Folgers Classic Roast Coffee 11.3oz 2/$5. Use (2) $1/1 MFG (RP 11/8/09). $5-2=$3/2=$1.50/1.
  • Keebler Crackers 11.5 or 16oz B1G1. Use $1/2 MFG. Final price may vary.
  • Tropicana Trop50 Juice $2.99. Use $1/1 MFG (RP JCPenney 9/13/09). $2.99-1=$1.99.
  • Energizer Max Batteries 16ct AA or AAA, 8ct C or D, 4ct 9V $7.99. Use $1/1 MFG (SS 10/4/09). $7.99-1=$6.99.
  • Bayer Contour or Breeze2 Blood Glucose Meter $14.99. Use $30/1 MFG (RP 2/1/09, 10/25/09 or Product Shows). (NOTE: The coupon will be adjusted down to $14.99.) Get $5 RR. $14.99-14.99-5=$+5!
WC in ad Deals:
  • Imperial Sugar 4lb $1.99 w/ WC in ad.
  • Gold Medal Flour 5lb 2/$3 w/ WC in ad. There are some that have coupons on them which would make them FREE so be sure to check for that!
  • Nestle Toll House Morsels $1.79 w/ WC in ad. Use $.50/1 MFG (RP 11/1/09). $1.79-.50=$1.29.
  • Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk 14oz $1.79 w/ WC in ad. Buy 2 & use $1/2 MFG (RP 11/8/09). $1.79x2=$3.58-1=$2.58/2=$1.29/1.
  • Kleenex Facial Tissue 80-200ct $1.09 w/ WC in ad. Buy 3 & use $.50/3 MFG (SS 10/4/09 or 11/1/09). $1.09x3=$3.27-.50=$2.77/3=$.92/1.
  • Smuckers Jelly or Jif Peanut Butter 2/$4 w/ WC in ad. Use $1/2 MFG (RP 11/8/09). $4-1=$3/2=$1.50/1.
  • Chicken of the Sea Chunk Light Tuna 5oz $.69 w/ WC in ad.
  • Betty Crocker Frosting 16oz $1.29 w/ WC in ad. Use $.50/1 MFG (SS 10/25/09). $1.29-.50=$.79.
  • Sun-Maid Raisins 18oz 2/$4 w/ WC in ad. Use $1/2 MFG (SS 11/8/09). $4-1=$3/2=$1.50/1.
  • Crisco Shortening Sticks 3ct 2/$5 w/ WC in ad. Use (2) $1/1 MFG (RP 11/8/09). $5-2=$3/2=$1.50/1.
  • Deerfield Farms Butter 16oz $1.99 w/ WC in ad.
  • Royal Instant Pudding 4/$1 w/ WC in ad.
  • Renuzit Adjustables $.99 w/ WC in ad. Buy 3 & use B2G1 MFG (SS 11/8/09). $.99x2=$1.98/3=$.66/1.
  • Glade Spray $.99 w/ WC in ad. Buy 2 & use $.75/2 MFG (SS 11/1/09 or Woman's Day 11/17/09). $.99x2=$1.98-.75=$1.23/2=$.62/1.
  • Bayer Aspirin 24-36ct or 4ct Quick Release Crystals 2/$3 w/ WC in ad. Use (2) $1/1 MFG (RP 10/25/09). $3-2=$1/2=$.50/1.
RR Deal: B$20G$10
  • Tylenol Cold or Allergy 20-24ct $4.99. Buy 2 & use $3/2 MFG (RP JCPenney 9/13/09). $4.99x2=$9.98-3=$6.98/2=$3.49/1.
  • Benadryl 18-24ct or Children's Liquid 4oz $4.99. Use $1/1 MFG (RP 8/24/09). $4.99-1=$3.99.
  • Zyrtec Allergy 30ct $18.99. Use $4/1 MFG (RP JCPenney 9/13/09). $18.99-4=$14.99.
  • Sudafed PE Triple Action 20 or 24ct $5.99. Use $2/1 MFG (RP 10/4/09). $5.99-2=$3.99.
  • Sudafed PE 20 or 24ct, Children's 4oz or Nasal Spray OM $5.99. Use $1.50/1 MFG (RP 12/7/08). $5.99-1.50=$4.49.
  • BEST DEAL: Buy 1 Sudafed PE Triple Action $5.99 & 2 Tylenol Cold or Allergy $4.99 & 1 Benadryl $4.99. Use $2/1 MFG, $3/2 MFG, & $1/1 MFG. Get $10 RR. $5.99+9.98+4.99=$20.96-2-3-1-10=$4.96 for all 4 items!
This is only 1/2 of the deals. I will post the rest tomorrow!

Toys "R" Us Gift Card Deals & Video Game Trade


Toys "R" Us is offering a couple Gift Card Deals:
  • Purchase $25+ of Hasbro Games and Get $10 GC. (Buy 7 Games at $3.99 each. Get $2 MIR & $10 GC. $3.99x7=$27.93-2-10=$15.93/7=$2.27/1.)
  • Purchase $75+ of Anything and Get $10 GC.
These are limit 1 per guest, however, if you go different times and pay with cash you can really get more than that!

They are also offering a Video Game Trade-In: Bring in used games & get a GC for anything in the store! This can be done online or in store.

Get 5 Glade Jar Candles & 2 Fancy Feast Appetizers for FREE at Target!


  • Hershey's Kisses or Reese's 12oz Candy 2/$5. Use $1/2 MFG (SS 11/8/09). $5-1=$4/2=$2/1.
  • Dove 4ct Bar Soap or 16oz Body Wash $3.99. Use $1/1 printable MFG. $3.99-1=$2.99.
  • Betty Crocker Cookie Mix $1.60. Use $.50/1 MFG (Que Rica Vida Mailer). $1.60-.50=$1.10.
  • Glade 4oz Jar Candle $2.50. Buy 5 & use $1.50/1 MFG (SS 11/1/09). Get $5 TGC. $2.50x5=$12.50-7.50-5=FREE after MFG & TGC!
  • Folgers Coffee 27.8-33.9oz $6. Use $1/1 MFG (RP 11/8/09). $6-1=$5.
  • Smart Ones Meals 4/$9. Use $1/4 MFG (Weight Watchers Coupon Booklet). $9-1=$8/4=$2/1.
  • Dannon Activia Yogurt $2. Use $1/1 MFG (SS 8/8/09, 10/4/09, or 11/1/09). $2-1=$1.
  • Prilosec OTC 42ct $24.99. Use $7/1 MFG (P&G 11/1/09). Get $5 TGC. $24.99-7-5=$12.99.
  • Gerber Graduates Snacks 2/$4. Use $.55/2 MFG (Gerber Mailer). $4-.55=$3.45/2=$1.73/1.
  • Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers 92-192ct $29.99. Buy 2 & use (2) $3/1 MFG (Huggies Mailer). Get $10 TGC. $29.99x2=$59.98-6-10=$43.98/2=$21.99/1.
  • Dino-Roars Monty Rex Toy $59.99. Use $10 TC (Target Toy Coupon Book) & $10/1 printable MFG. $59.99-10-10=$39.99.
  • The Dark Knight Deluxe Edition $17.99. Get $5 TGC. $17.99-5=$12.99.
  • Fancy Feast Cat Appetizers use B1G1 printable TC & B1G1 MFG (RP Nestle 9/13/09). FREE after TC & MFG!
Deals Good Through 11/25/09: Be sure to grab the Target Toys Booklet. There are several great toy deals and coupons in the book to get the deals or you can print the coupons here or here.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Computer Problems

Hey readers, I have a delay in posting this week. My laptop cord busted off inside my laptop and it is no longer getting power to it. My laptop is where I have saved my deals & coupon database. I am getting it repaired tomorrow so I will be posting all that I can tomorrow after the fix.

Amy sent me a deal that I want to make sure you all have the chance to do if you want.

Mr. Potato Head Christmas Spud is on sale this week at Target for $5.99. Use this $5 printable MFG and pay only $.99.

Check back tomorrow for posts to Target, Toys 'R' Us, Kmart, Walmart, Walgreens & maybe some grocery stores.

Update: laptop was more broken than we thought and will need extensive repairs. I will be having my hard drive put in my home computer tomorrow and should be able to post some deals then.

If you have a particular store that you would like to see the deals for, be sure to leave a comment here and I will be sure to at least do those stores. Hope you all are still finding some great stuff. Be sure to comment if you find any good deals and share with all of us! Thanks for being fabulous readers!
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