Friday, July 11, 2008

Getting Baby Products for Cheap

There are several ways to get baby products for a low price. One is to watch the store deals. If you follow my blog, I will post any good deals that I can find at our local stores for diapers or anything else for that matter. It is important to get the Sunday coupon paper! It is around $1 a week and you will save lots more than that if you are diligent!
Another way, if you can't wait for a deal, is to order through Here's a special bonus: If you order on using this referral code: ANIM4629, you will automatically save $10 on your first order!!! Can't beat that right! Be sure to use the code everytime that you order so they know that you heard about them from my blog! I have compared the prices on some of their products and it is much cheaper but you would need to spend $49 each time you order to not have to pay shipping. Hey if you need diapers, you can easily do that by buying 2 cases of diapers at once. You will need them anyways and you won't have to order as often. Just thought I would help any of you out that may need to stock up on baby supplies or have baby showers to go to. I have both! I just found out that they also accept manufacturers coupons for any of their items except the Kirkland brand! That is an amazing deal! You have to mail the MFG to 1800Diapers,Inc., 33 Chapin Ave., Red Bank, NJ 07701.
Here is what you do when you try to order.
  1. Pick an item you are interested in and "ADD TO CART".
  2. It will ask you for your zip code, enter it.
  3. It will bring you to your shopping cart. Here you can choose to "Continue Shopping", "Update Cart/Recalculate", or "Proceed to Checkout" This is also the screen that you would enter the code above. Where it says "Promotion and Referral Codes/Emails!", enter the code ANIM4629 & click "Apply".
  4. Then continue on with what they ask for to checkout & Whala! you have cheap diapers shipped to your house!
Leave a comment here if you have found any other ways to really save money on baby supplies.

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