Monday, August 18, 2008

Menus Monday

Well, last week was the first Monday for my Menu Made Easy Monday postings. I don't know about you, but I always have trouble figuring out what to make for supper, not to mention lunch half the time. I posted a link for a 100 Day Meal Planning Kit last week. In the kit, it gives 27 Tips for Successful Meal Planning. Each week, we will discuss the different tips. Be sure to comment if the tip helped you at all or to give a tip of your own!

Tip #1: Shop with a Shopping List. "This is the key to saving money. There are plenty of things you can buy, but having a purpose for each ingredient is imperative."

I have found that having a list is definitely helpful. If I don't bring a list with me, I either forget half the stuff I was supposed to get or I end up leaving with twice as much. What we do at our house is keep a shopping list sheet on the fridge. Whenever we see we need something, we write it on the list so we do not forget to get it when we go to the store. If it is on the list, I try to find a coupon or a store that has the item on sale which helps to save us even more money.
What do you do? Leave a comment and share!

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