Sunday, August 10, 2008

Olympics Side Note

Most of you are aware that the 2008 Olympics started on August 8th. Though controversial due to being in China, it is an amazing event. I have been watching our US teams competing and they are doing amazing! Though many have disagreement with the games being held in China, I feel we should still be loyal to our country's athletes and cheer them on. The way we can do this is by watching the games. The local TV channels & internet record how many people watch each show. I don't know about you but if I was playing to try to bring home a gold metal to my country, I would want to know that I have a support group. I hope you are all just as excited for our competitors as I am. It takes great talent and dedication to do what they do. Each of us are gifted in some way in our lives. If we dedicated all the time and effort that these athletes do to our gifts, we would be just as amazing. Just a side note of opinion. Feel free to share yours here.

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