Saturday, November 15, 2008

Simply "Cycle" Saturday

Lets take a minute and recap the last 4 weeks. There isn't really much that we have that can't be re"cycle"d in some way or another. Over the last month we have seen how to reuse these items:
  1. Phone Books
  2. Newspaper
  3. T-Shirts
  4. Shoe Boxes

This week I thought we would look at how to re"cycle" old pillows. Pillows seem to go flat before you know it. I feel like I am always needing to replace my old pillows! So lets see what we can come up with to do with them.

  1. You could give them to your dog for a doggie bed. Dog beds are SO EXPENSIVE. Why pay $10+ for a doggie bed (that may just get chewed up anyways) when you could just make one. If you have a small dog, you could just put the old pillow down as is for the dog to sleep on. They will love it because it has your scent!
  2. If you have a big dog, you could get some $1 material at Walmart and make a larger square doggie bed. Take your old pillows and cut them open, take out the stuffing and fluff. Once you have fluffed, throw it all in the doggie bed. The great thing is that they are machine washable. Your dog will think he is so special! Below is a picture of the doggie bed I made for my dog Dodger. As you can tell, he loves it!
  3. You could make sock monkeys. This is a great way to use old socks and old pillow stuffing! Below is a picture of how to make a sock monkey toy.
  4. You could make a throw pillow out of it. You can find some $1 material at Walmart and use the old pillow stuffing for your throw pillow. Below is a picture of one that I made a while back. My mom gave me a basket of fabric left over from projects she had done. I used that material to make throw pillows like this one. They ended up being favorites of my cats!

If you have used old pillows for anything else, post it here and share it with everyone! If you have other items in your home that you have reused and you would like to see it posted here, send me an email and let me know.

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