Sunday, November 23, 2008

Simply "Cycle" Saturday

This weekend was crazy, that's why this is late but here you go! Several ways to re"cycle" old cards. That's right, the ones you receive in the mail, read once and usually throw away. Not anymore! Read some of the things I came up with to use your old cards for:

  1. You can cut off the backs of the cards that have the writing on them and shred them in a shredder. You can use this shred paper for packing gifts with to ship instead of using packing peanuts! The picture below is an eco friendly version of paper shredder. It is manual so does not use any energy except for yours!
  2. Now for the fronts that have the pretty pictures, you can use them as postcards. You just write on the backs as you would a postcard, place a stamp and off they go. A free, beautiful postcard!
  3. You can also use the fronts to remake cards. You just glue, sew or hinge a new back on or you can cut the pictures or parts that you like from the card and redesign a whole new card. I love to do this. I have taken two or three different cards and combined the pictures for the look I want. Below is an example of a card that I made. I used a brad for a hinge so the card opens by sliding up and down.
  4. You could also use your old card fronts to make gift tags for. If you are giving a gift bag, this is perfect. You just punch a hole in the card, cut to the shape you want, thread a short string through and there you have it. A beautiful gift tag. Below is one way you could do it designed by Southern Living. Take a card and cut off part of the design with some wording or not and write on the reverse side.
  5. You can make designer placemats. You just collect the card fronts until you have enough in your desired theme. Get some contact paper and cardstock paper. Place the decoration where you would like it on the cardstock and cover it with contact paper. Hurray, you have new, one of a kind placements! This is great if you receive any oversized cards because you may get the look you want with just one card.
  6. You can use the card fronts to make wonderful scrapbook pages. You can cut out the parts you like or even make an oval cut out and place a picture under it like a frame for your page. It turns out very beautiful and looks very creative! Below is an example of a scrapbook page I made out of a Lisa Frank Card. I cut the lenses out of the glasses and put pictures behind them. I used more of the card to frame one of the pictures and add stars. The script is from an old magazine.
  7. Finally, if you don't have the time or would like to help out a charity with your old cards, send them to St. Jude's Ranch. They have a Greeting Card Recycling Program. Any of your cards that can be trimmed to fit the 5x7 backs that the children attach to them are appreciated. You can either cut the back off, or the children will do it for you. Click here for more information and the address to send the cards.

What have you used your old cards for? Post your ideas here and share with everyone.

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