Monday, December 8, 2008


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For those of you who follow my grocery store deals, I am a bit behind but will be posting them tomorrow. My little guy came down with the stomach flu (He's only 13 months old, poor thing!) so I have been extremely busy changing diaper after diaper and giving him lots of baths! If any of you have any helpful tips, I am open because this is TERRIBLE!!!

It has now struck all 3 of us :(


Melissa said...

I've been through many stomach bugs between my two girls. I'm sorry you're going through this right now.

I'd definitely avoid dairy as the GI tract becomes lactose intolerant with these bugs. Also, avoid pork products since they take so long to digest.

I give my girls acidophilus to return the good bacteria during these bouts. I get mine at a health food store and it's refrigerated, meaning it's still active, which is best. I've seen a kids acidophilus product at Walgreens right on the shelf. I'm not sure how effective it is though. I break apart the capsule and sprinkle it onto their food or into their drink.

Good luck, stomach bugs are the worst. The diarrhea can last up to 3 weeks so brace yourself and keep the lysol and bleach at hand so it doesn't spread to yourself and your husband.

Sarah and Jack said...

Maybe try and get some type of probiotic in him? If he is able to eat a little yogurt with an active culture would work. Otherwise I think you would have to buy the powder and mix it with milk/formula.
Hopefully it passes quickly.

Riannon said...

Thanks for the advise ladies. I talked with the doctor also and she suggested waiting a couple days to introduce any milk products. After we are sure the vomiting is ended I will definitely try the yogurt. I make homemade yogurt so I know it has the active cultures in it and he really likes it. The doctore said this year's version of this is vicious and I will likely get it since I am his caregiver it is just a matter of time. Oh day at a time I guess.

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