Monday, December 15, 2008

Where to find a Wii

One of my readers asked me to help her find a place to purchase a Wii for her grandkids for Christmas. Everywhere she thought sold them, no longer had any. I have searched and here are the places that I have found that still have some.
  1. newegg - They have it listed at $249.99 here. Order it through ebates and get 3% cash back. Order it today and get 6% cash back!
  2. Kmart & Target - Advertised them in their ads that just came out on Sunday for $249.99.
  3. ebay - There are several listed here to bid on or buy out right. They are priced from $.01-$400. If you are interested in ordering from ebay, be sure to do it through ebates because you will get 3% cash back! If you order today, you will get 6% cash back!
  4. Buyer's Catch - They have them listed for $328 here. You can order online or by phone 1-877-88-CATCH.

How to order through ebates:

  1. Click on the ebates link here or above.
  2. Register or log in.
  3. In the search box on the top left, type in the store name you are interested in ordering from.
  4. If that store participates with ebates, you will see it listed in the center of the page. You will see a column that says Cash Back, Store Name, More Info. If the store offers a coupon on top of the cash back, you will see a grey box that says See Coupon. Click on that and a small box will pop up with the available coupons inside. If you like one click on that otherwise click on the store name.
  5. A new window will pop up bringing you to the website for that store.
  6. Place your order as desired.
  7. Return to ebates in a few hours and you will see a credit on your account for the % listed for that stores purchase.
  8. ebates says it could take days for the credit to appear but I have found that they are pretty quick about it.
  9. You can see when you will get your rebate check by clicking on the link that says Total Cash on the top green task bar. It will give you when your next cash back check will be mailed.
  10. Its that simple!!!

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