Thursday, January 8, 2009

Guest Post: The CPSC Wants to Outlaw Resale!!!

Guest Post:

Hi Everyone!

FYI---- If you purchase used children's clothes, books, toys, furniture, gear, etc from resale stores, thrift stores, EBay, Craig's List and even garage sales read on! There is a new bill that goes into effect on Feb. 10 that says used items intended for kids under 12 must be certified lead free in order to be sold. The cost of lead testing is outrageous and so this bill will essentially stop the resale of children's items. There is a link to the bill and to contact your congressmen below!


Contact all your elected representatives, especially at the Federal level. For a quick form letter you can personalize and send immediately click:

Contact your local level government officials as well. Find them here:

Vote for Change at: top 10 issues will be presented to President Obama after his inauguration. This could be really big, please vote!

Find official information on the CPSIA at the CPSA's website:

Sign a petition here and read even more information:

There was a story on Channnel 2 tonight at approximately 5:15pm about this and look for a story in The Post Dispatch sometime this week.

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Courtney said...

I haven't read any long-term implications on this, but I would imagine that children's clothing makers will be required to put a label or tag on their clothes stating it is lead-free. If this is the case, these clothes should still be allowed to be sold secondhand.
I do foresee the new law prohibiting small business owners (and people working out of their homes) from making and seeling clothes on venues such as etsy simply because the cost of testing will be so outrageous.
However, I would guess that all items sold to be made into clothing (fabric, yarn, etc.) will also need to be marked as lead-free, so perhaps entrepreneurs will be able to use that information for the lead-free certification process.

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