Saturday, January 24, 2009

Simply "Cycle" Saturday

This week I thought I would list different types of places that will take recycled items. If you are interested in recycling instead of reusing items, this will be the post for you! Some of you may have recycle bins that get picked up every week from your home. If this is the case, you can more easily recycle most of your everyday items. If you live in the St. Louis area, here are some centers listed.

There are some items that you can still recycle and make money. These are the following:
  • Aluminum: This includes cans, foils, etc. A Recycling Revolution has a search link that you can enter your location and see where your nearest aluminum recycle center is. The Can Manufacturers Institute has some fun facts about can recycling. Around the country can prices are averaging $.50/lb.
  • Glass: There are some places that still have glass recycle centers that pay. Not all glass can be recycled for cash. How do you know if you can receive cash for your glass? If it has a cash value printed on it. For instance, glass soda bottles have a $.05 value printed on some of them & states in which this can be redeemed.
  • Scrap Metal: Check your local phone books for scrapmetal centers near you. They will pay by the pound for scrap metal. This includes cars, sheds, etc.
  • Books: Rather than making money, you can trade your used books for other used books. This helps to keep the books in circulation and good use. You can trade your used books at Paperbackswap. You can also donate your used books at your local library. This is tax deductible. Be sure to ask the librarian to give you a tax receipt for your donation.
  • Leftovers: This is a facility located in St. Charles, MO that accepts a large variety of recycleable items. They will in exchange give you in-store credit for the items you recycle. If you have an art/craft project that you are interested in and need supplies for, this is perfect! Check your local phone book for recycle places like this.

Other Recycle Location Ideas:

  • The Recycling Center has a search engine for you to see where local recycle centers are.
  • Salvation Army or Goodwill will take any items that you no longer want. If they are unable to resell these items, they will recycle them to the appropriate facilities. These donations of your used items are tax deductible. Be sure to ask the recipient of your items to give you a tax receipt.


Jill said...

To recycle electronics in St. Louis:

They sometimes charge a fee for TVs and computer monitors, but these are things you never should throw in your regular trash, since they contain harmful materials. I even had one of the ecycle sites (DCAL in Rock Hill) take my expired car seats.

Also, Sam's will take some of you old computers and give you a gift card in exchange:

Rachele said...

A word of warning about Goodwill. They throw away stuff if they don't think they can sell it, and it's left to employee discretion. They get in more than they can viably sort through, and plenty of good items end up in the dump. In policy they don't pitch something if athey can avoid it, in practice is a different story. You can always have a "freesale" and post on craigslist or freecycle, too.

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