Monday, May 4, 2009

Double Coupon Days at Kmart

Kmart is again offering Super Double MFG Days!

Every coupon up to $.75 will be doubled. (Some stores are reportedly doubling all the way up to $4 MFG like last time. I would suspect this glitch will be fixed but it is worth a shot!) (NOTE: I just received word from a reader that STL stores are doubling all coupons up to $2! I have revised the deals below reflecting this bonus. I may come back and post more deals tomorrow when I look back through the available coupons!)
This works as before:
  • Limit 1 coupon per item will be doubled. You can combine a Kmart coupon with a MFG but only the MFG up to $2 will be doubled.
  • Limit 4 of same coupon can be doubled.
  • Limit 25 total coupons can be doubled.
  • The coupons will only double to the price of the item, you cannot make money on a doubling.

Here are the deals I found:

  • Nature's Bounty Vitamins or Supplements B1G1 $3.99 & Up. Use (2) $1/1 MFG (Nature's Bounty Sample, Tote Bag Sample, RP 5/3/09, printable, printable, or printable) which will double to $2/1. $3.99-3.99=FREE after MFG!
  • Hershey's Bliss Chocolates 8.6-9.6oz 2/$6 or $3 each. Use $1/1 MFG (SS 5/3/09) which will double to $2. $3-2=$1.
  • Quilted Northern 24-Regular or 12-Double Rolls Bath Tissue 2/$13 or $6.50 each. Use $1/1 MFG (RP 4/26/09) which will double to $2/1. $6.50-2=$4.50. This makes them $.23/roll or $.46/roll!
  • Kellogg's 12-18oz Cereals 4/$11 or 2.75 each. Use $1/1 MFG (RP 4/5/09 or printable) which will double to $2/1. $2.75-2=$.75.
  • Kellogg's Pop-Tarts 12ct 4/$10 or $2.50 each. Buy 2 & use $1/2 MFG (RP 4/5/09) which will double to $2/2. $2.50x2=$5-2=$3/2=$1.50/1.
  • Pedigree 22oz 5/$5 or $1 each. Buy 6 & use $1/6 MFG (RP 4/19/09) which will double to $2/6. $1x6=$6-2=$4/6=$.67/1.
  • 9 Lives 18lb Dry Cat Food $10.99. Use $.75/1 MFG (RP 4/26/09) which doubles to $1.50. $10.99-1.50=$9.49.
  • Visine A or AC $3.99. Use $2/1 MFG (RP 4/26/09) which will double to $3.99/1. $3.99-3.99=FREE after MFG!
  • Gerber Graduates Training Cups w/ Handles 2ct $6.99. Use $.75/1 MFG (Gerber Mailing) which doubles to $1.50. $6.99-1.50=$5.49. This makes it $2.75/cup.
  • Gerber Soft Bite Infant Spoon 2ct $2.99. Use $.75/1 MFG (Gerber Mailing) which doubles to $1.50. $2.99-1.50=$1.49. This makes it $.75/spoon.
  • Wet Ones 40ct Canister $2.29. Use $.75/1 MFG (SS 3/29/09) which doubles to $1.50. $2.29-1.50=$.79.
  • Mentos Gum $1.29. Use $.55/1 MFG (SS 5/3/09) which doubles to $1.10/1. $1.29-1.10=$.19.

RR Deal:

  • Buy 4 Hershey's Candy Bags 11-17.25oz 2/$5. Get FREE Movie Ticket to Night at the Museum Battle of the Smithsonian.


kdbSTL said...

Just a quick note - I was at Kmart yesterday (5/3) and they have signs up all around the store their ad was printed in error - they are actually doubling coupons up to $2.00. The Special K cereal is $.75 a box with $1 coupon and you buy 4! All (when using the coupon that expires 5/6/09) is $.79a bottle! Great deals again!

Happy Savings!

Celina said...

I too shopped at Kmart few days back and amazingly saved much money.

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