Monday, May 25, 2009

Mark Metalluscious Lip Cream Hook Up Giveaway!

Shade: Luxury

Colleen's mark. store has once again offered a great product for one of my readers to win. mark makeup by Avon has been featured in several popular magazines and is used by several celebrities. I myself have used many of mark's products. The colors are vibrant and the makeup is smooth and easy to apply.

They offer products that can be stored together and containers in which the product can be refilled. For instance, they offer pallets for blush, eyeshadow, etc where the product can pop in and out of the compact. This is very eco-friendly in that you don't have to purchase a whole compact each time you need more makeup, you just buy the makeup you need and pop it into the compact you already have.

The lip gloss featured for this giveaway is a "Hook Up" this means that two different products can be hooked together by a center piece that they screw into. So if you want your lip gloss and mascara together, you just attach them with the hook up! What an easy way for storage in your purse!

Here is how you can enter the giveaway: Visit Colleen's mark. store, come back here and fill out the form below with which product from mark. you would like to try.

For extra entries: (Be sure to fill the form out seperately for each additional entry or it will only count as 1!)

  1. Follow my blog. (On the left sidebar where is says "Are you a follower?". Click on the "Follow" button.)
  2. Tweet or Blog about this giveaway. (Be sure to leave the link in the Comments section on the form.)
  3. Place an order at Colleen's mark. store! (This will get you 5 extra entries! You only need to fill the form out once for this entry and you will get all 5.)

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