Tuesday, August 25, 2009

10 FREE Items at Office Depot!!!

FREE Items:

  • 2-Pocket Paper Folder FREE. Limit 3.
  • Sharpie Fine Point 5ct $4.49. Get $4.49 MIR. FREE after MIR. Limit 3.
  • Office Depot Protractor FREE. Limit 3.
  • Sharp EL-501WB Scientific Calculator $6.99. Get $6.99 MIR. FREE after MIR. Limit 1.

Other Deals:

  • Paper Mate #2 Pencils 10ct $.10. Limit 3.
  • Office Depot Slider Pencil Box $.10. Limit 3.
  • Scholastic Standard Crayons 24ct $.25. Limit 3.
  • Scissors 2ct $.25. Limit 3.
  • Purell Mini Hand Sanitizer $.25. Limit 3.
  • Office Depot Fashion Folders $.99.
  • Sharpie Individual Markers $.99.
  • Poly Folders $.99.
  • PaperMate Write Bros Recycled Ballpoint Pens 10ct $.75.
  • Office Depot Value Notebook Filler Paper 150ct $.99.
  • Foray Pink Eraser 2ct $.79.
  • Office Depot Brand Acrylic Ruler $.74.
  • Tug Pencil Sharpener $.50. Limit 3.
  • Gartner Back to School Fashion Portfolios $.99.
  • Scholastic Brand Glue Stick 1.4oz $.99.
  • PaperMate Write Bros Ballpoint Stick Pens 10ct $.75.


Courtney said...

From what I heard, you need to make a purchase for the free items to ring up correctly (not the MIR ones, just the ones that are flat-out free). I'm not sure if that's true as I bought the $0.10 pencils when I picked up the folders so I didn't try to get anything free without a purchase.
I think the limit on the folders is actually 5--that was how many I picked up and I think that was what was on the sign. I'm already stocking up for next year! LOL

Riannon said...


I was actually in the store yesterday and asked them. You can just purchase the FREE things. The folders & protractors are coming up FREE at checkout. The calculator and sharpies you have to pay for but a MIR will print at register. There should be no problem getting all the FREE stuff without any other purchases!

As for the folders, my store had the limit at 3 on the sign so it may depend on the stores decision. Your store may have decided on their own to offer 5 for the limit. That is great that you were able to get more for FREE!

Thanks so much for the comment.

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