Sunday, September 27, 2009

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Dana said...

Thanks for your blog! I am wanting to try couponing. I only want to begin by shopping with coupons at one or two stores. Do you have a suggestion on which store or two I should start with to get the most "deals"?

Riannon said...


Be sure to read my posts on beginning couponing on my left sidebar under Helpful Links. There may be some helpful information to help you make the most of your shopping.

I don't know where you live to help you know what stores bring the best deal but here is my opinion on some of them.

CVS is the BEST if you have one near you. They offer the best deals and the best ways to get them.

Walgreens is the next best. They offer a lot of FREE items (FREE after Register Reward). They offer their own coupons that you can double with MFGs as well which is nice.

Kroger is great as far as grocery stores go. There are lots of coupons and deal matches available for that store. There is also Cellfire which is coupons on a card that can be used there or at Safeway. I don't post Kroger deals because we don't have Kroger here.

Walmart is another one that I get a lot of great FREE or almost FREE stuff from.

Target & Kmart have occasional great deals.

You could just browse the deals that I post each week and see which store or two is best for the week and try it out. I will help any way I can. Feel free to contact me anytime!


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