Monday, February 8, 2010

FREE Breakfast at Denny's

Denny's is yet again offering a FREE BREAKFAST!

If you are up to the challenge of fighting the crowds at Denny's they are offering a FREE Grandslam Breakfast tomorrow, February 9th from 6am - 2pm.

I went last year but the crowds were unbelieveable! Not sure I want to fight it and wait with a two year old this year.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Even though you get a FREE Breakfast, you do have to pay for drinks that you order. Last year people were walking out on their bill because they figured their drinks would not need to be paid either.
  • You do still need to pay tip. The waitresses are working extra hard that day and some people think if they don't get a bill, they don't have to tip. Please tip the waitresses!

If you went in the past, leave a comment about your experience and if you think you will go again.

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