Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ringling Brothers Circus was Fabulous!

 The show was outstanding in my opinion.  It kept your attention from start to finish.  I loved the dragon  emphasis.  My boys thought it was absolutely amazing.  The picture above you can see the neat twist on the high rope dancers.  The balls were a nice touch and very different from what I had ever seen before.
 My 4 year old son is taking martial arts so he really loved to watch the monks.  Some of the things they did had me sitting at the edge of my seat wondering if they would come out of it in one piece.  The picture with the fire above was one of the monks jumping through blindfolded.  The rig was spinning and it had blades.  Pretty amazing.
 Above it a picture of the whole group of monks.  They were really neat to watch.
Of course the trapeze is a circus favorite and always has been.  Their outfits were neat with blue dragons and sparkle which really looked cool as they flew in their flips.  It was a very awesome show to watch!

If you haven't purchased tickets yet, be sure to get your tickets for tomorrow's show!  It is definitely a show that you don't want to miss!

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