Monday, September 30, 2013

The Real Tooth Fairies!

Have you heard of The Real Tooth Fairies?  If you have a little girl around the age of losing her teeth, this would be a perfect thing for you to check out for her.  Visit The Real Tooth Fairies website and create your parent login and look around at all the neat things you can have set up for your daughter.

The goal of The Real Tooth Fairies is to instill positive values, build character and confidence and inspire girls to spread kindness.  The website is Kid-Safe and allows your child to connect to "her tooth fairy".  There are shops, games, attractions and your child gets to decorate her own Castle Hotel Suite.

There are 6 tooth fairies each with their own unique name, personality and gift.  Your child can connect with one or all of these characters.  The tooth fairies will send your child letters, ribbons, and charms.  Your child can interact and view other girl's pages, shop with Sparkle $ they earn, design castle rooms, etc.  Sound like fun?  Check it out for yourself and surprise your little one with her first letter.

There are also story books that go along with each of the tooth fairies that you can read to or along with your child.  There are 8 different books and charms to collect to have the entire series.  I'm sure any little girl would love this great and unique program.

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