Friday, May 23, 2008

CVS in St. Louis

Ok, so we made a venture to CVS for the first time today. We had to drive about 35-40 minutes to get to one but IT WAS DEFINITELY WORTH IT!!! CVS is so easy, nice, and their ECBs DON'T EXPIRE! Yes, they have an expiration date on them but the clerk told us that they take them after the expiration date because they see it as money that we have already spent in their store and we deserve it! Why can't every store see it that way!!! Walgreens is terrible compared to them. Sure we made a couple small mistakes and weren't sure about everything but for our first time, we didn't do too bad. Unfortunately, we were unable to get the big money-making deodorant since they were sold out. We spent about $18 OOP and left with a van full of stuff! I have lots of stuff to sell at my garage sale now!!! If we had a CVS, I would possibly call it quits with Walgreens. The CVS system is definitely less complicated and more enjoyable.

I think that anyone who lives in the St. Louis area should write to CVS customer service and suggest that they build a CVS in St. Louis. I think if enough of us requested one, they would see the demand and put one out here. We are like the only state left without one! So, anyone who lives in or near St. Louis, please email, call, or write to CVS and let them know we want their store! Once you have done so, comment on here so we can see how many of us there is out there wanting a CVS!

Here is their information:
CVS Corporation
One CVS Drive
Woonsocket, RI 02895
Toll-free: (800) SHOP-CVS (746-7287)

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animal_doc2b said...

I have sent their corporate an email!

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