Thursday, May 22, 2008

How To Print Coupons

I had someone ask me how to print printable coupons like Target coupons. Target coupons can be printed from their website or easier from They can also be printed from the Target store itself but my Target kiosk only had the food items available to print from the store which is not always what you need so you are better off bringing them with you to the store. Here is a step by step:
  1. Click on the link above or type it into your browser.
  2. When the page comes up, click on "Target Coupon Generator" on the left hand side of the page.
  3. Browse until you find a coupon that you want to print. Click on the coupon.
  4. If you have pop-up blocker, you will see a yellow bar on the top that says " here to allow scripted windows...". Click there.
  5. If a Windows Internet Explorer window pops up that says "To choose another coupon to print select OK. If you are ready to print your coupon select CANCEL." Click OK.
  6. Go back to the yellow bar that showed up on your screen and click on it.
  7. A pull down will come up that says "Temporarily allow Scripted Windows". Click on that.
  8. Then click on the coupon you want to print again.
  9. A script prompt window will pop up asking you to enter the number of coupons you would like for that item. Enter the number and click OK.
  10. You will get the message from #5 above again. Click OK if you want to print other coupons from the site or CANCEL if you are ready for them to print. If you want other coupons make sure you click OK so that you can save paper and time by printing them all at once.
  11. Once you are ready to print hit CANCEL. You will see the coupons you requested on the screen.
  12. Go to FILE, then PRINT. There you have it!

Other coupons such as from, you may have to install the coupon printer. It will give you a step by step once you click INSTALL. You should only have to install one time and then every time after that, your coupons will just print. You can print each coupon 2 times from these coupon sites. Once you print the first time, hit the Back arrow, Refresh, OK and your coupon will print again! If you get a message that says you have printed the number of coupons you are allowed. This could mean 1 of 2 things: 1. You printed your 2 allowed already or 2. The number of coupons that the company allows to be printed has been reached. The manufacturers put a limit on how many coupons can be printed electronically. Once this limit is reached, the coupon becomes inactive or you will get the limit message.

I hope this is helpful to anyone. If you have any other questions or comments, feel free to do so here!

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