Saturday, August 30, 2008

Day @ Grant's Farm

So, I am late posting my weekly savings but for a good cause. My husband decided he wanted to have a family day today and take us somewhere we haven't been. We went to Grant's Farm. We probably picked a crazy weekend, being a holiday weekend though. There was a really long line to get in. Once we got in though, it was very cool. My little guy really enjoyed the camels & goats.

He got to help mommy feed a baby goat a bottle. He really wanted the bottle himself (he was getting hungry) but gave it to the goats. Actually the goats didn't give us a choice, we were pretty much bumped by them and they pushed each other out of the way to get to the milk. We had a blast!

Later, we got to feed a camel. He wasn't sure what to think of those big old critters. He was wide eyed and kept saying "OOOhhh". It was very fun for all of us. We got to see a lot of great animals. If you have never been, I would suggest going! It is only $10 a car, so car pool and get the most for your money!

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