Sunday, August 24, 2008

Menus Monday

Two weeks ago I introduced the 100 Day Meal Planning Kit that is full of excellent ways to save money, get organized and easily prepare meals. Last Monday I wrote about Tip #1 Shop with a Shopping List. This week I want to write about organization.

Tip#2: Organize Your Freezer. "Freeze left over meals like casseroles, stew, curries and soups. However be mindful of labelling containers or zip lock bags so they can be found again! This way you can always meal plan a frozen meal into your week."

I think this is a great idea. Make double what you know your family will eat and freeze the leftover. This way you are saving time in food preparation. It may take you a little longer now but later you will have an easy to re-heat meal. I tend to get really busy as the week goes on so having a frozen meal to just pull out and heat would definitely be a bonus.

Another positive to this is that lots of people do not like leftovers or at least the idea of leftovers. If you do not have it for a week or more, it will seem like a brand new meal rather than a leftover!

I have found that labeling is very important. If I didn't label, I would never know what is in there. It also helps if I send my husband down to grab something for me. He is able to easily tell what is in the freezer and what needs to be brought up.

What are your thought or ideas on organizing? Is there something that you do that really helps? Share it here.

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