Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Baby's First Birthday Party!

The reason I have been scarce in posting this weekend is because my little guy had his first birthday party on Saturday. We took extra time getting everything together, visited with family in town from Florida & Tennessee and spent extra time with our little guy. I made a special cake for my little guy to get himself and dig into that went with the All Star party theme. It took a really long time but it was neat to see the finished product!Most of today was spent putting together all of his new toys & trying them out with him. He went from one toy to the next and played hard today. He loves the fact that he can walk now and takes advantage of it whenever possible. He got a Little Tikes Coupe from his daddy & I and do you think he rides IN it? Not a chance, he would rather walk & push it! He also got a push toy from his Grandma that he had a blast with outside. You probably wonder why I never show my little guy's face. I just feel that the internet is not safe for children. With all the internet predators out there, I just don't want to give them anything extra to work with. I want to keep my kid's identities private.


Melissa said...

My youngest did the same thing with her Cozy Coupe. At 2.5, she still drags out a similar push toy to play with constantly.

Very cute cake! You're very talented.

Branita said...

Happy birthday to sweet baby.

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