Thursday, November 20, 2008

Great Rebate Offer!

If you care for anyone, including yourself, you are eligible for rebates through The Caregivers Marketplace!  This rebate is good for any of the qualifying products that were purchased in 2008.  You have until January 31, 2009 to send in your request form.  There is no limit to quantity or number of receipts that can be submitted per form.  Very simple and straight forward.  Be sure to print out, collect your receipts, fill out the form & mail in before 1/31/09!

There is a large list of products that are part of their program.  Some of them are the following:
  • Aspercreme
  • Citrucel
  • Comfort Personal Cleansing
  • Cortizone-10
  • Cottonelle
  • Depend Products
  • Ecotrin
  • Ensure
  • Glucerna
  • Gold Bond
  • Huggies GoodNites Underpants
  • Homedics
  • Huggies
  • IcyHot
  • Nature Made
  • No-Rinse Products
  • Os-Cal
  • Poise
  • Polident
  • Huggies Pull-Ups
  • Stander
  • Super Poligrip
  • Super Wernets Denture Adhesive Powder

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