Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Register Reward News!

I just found out something really exciting today by trial and error. You know those wonderful register rewards we get at the stores we shop at? You know, the ones that say Manufacturer Coupon on the top next to the expiration date? They can be used at any store! You don't have to just use them at the store you got them at.

I never realized that I could use a Shop'n Save register reward at Walgreens! I had to get some things today at Walgreens and accidently handed the clerk my Shop'n Save register reward instead of my Walgreens one. She scanned it and the register took it and off I went! I did the same thing at Walmart!

No more worrying about using Walgreens register rewards on time at Walgreens, I can use them at Schnucks or Dierbergs also!!!! Of course you may run in to some clerks that won't want to take them. I suggest simply asking them if they will try to scan it. If the register beeps just take it and use it elsewhere.

If you have used your register rewards at stores other than where you received them, leave a comment here and confirm that it worked for you also! I am really excited!


Coupon Mommie said...

Hey, like the new blog look...

Yes this has worked for me. I did this with a Kroger coupon which said MANUFACTURER COUPON in the top next to the expiration date.

The CVS clerk gave me flack because it had Kroger's seal but I pointed out the MQ wording at the top and she just called a manager. He confirmed to her it was fine and as long as it scanned -- take it!

Scan away babies; scan away!

Sarah and Jack said...

When I went to Schnucks last week I noticed those printers were gone. Maybe schnucks isnt giving them out anymore?

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