Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Gloves In A Bottle

In the past, I had done a review for Skin MD Naturals. The company sent me another lotion to try called Gloves In A Bottle. I had heard of it before but never tried it. Now that I have, here is what I think of it.

At first, it didn't work. My hands were still very dry and chalky. After a few days of use, my hands seemed to improve and weren't so dry. I don't think the lotion feels like you are wearing a pair of gloves though. I work in a lab and wear gloves all day. Gloves are not comfortable and make my skin dry. This lotion seems to give moisture over time. You won't notice right away but you will see a difference with time.

So long story short. I recommend this product for skin moisture. I think it really does work!

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