Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dance Shoe Finder!

A reader asked me to help her find dance shoes for a class she just started. She is looking for Jazz & Tap shoes. This is what I could find:

Craig's List:


Online Dance Catalogs:

Chad Theatrical:


Jendi said...

Just had to pop in and say to check the thrift shops. My MIL found tap shoes for me, my daughter, and son at different second hand stores in our area.

dance said...

Not only do you want an outfit to look good but you want it feel good too. Capezio is a company that supplies dancers with outfits, shoes and accessories to help them perform at their best. They understand that dancers need quality and want the best for their performances.

dance said...

leotards are comfortable and provide the flexibility you are after when needing something to wear to a dance recital. As a dancer, you know that you need two types for dancing

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