Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Staying Fit On A Budget!

I am the type of person who needs motivation to work out.  I think about it, plan on it and get busy and stay home.  If I take a class, it is motivation for me to actually go!  Since money is tight for a lot of us, it is difficult to find classes that fit a budget.

Here are some ideas for fitness on a budget that I came up with:

  • Check out the fitness class schedule for your local community center.  You can generally get a resident rate and the classes are usually very inexpensive.
  • Check out local churches.  Most churches have event calendars somewhere on their website.  You can check out what they have available and see if it fits your schedule.  The great thing about this is that classes at churches are generally FREE!
  • If you are local to St. Louis there are FREE Tae Kwon Do classes available.  One is offered on Thursdays at 6:30pm at The Rock Church St. Louis.  The other is offered on Saturday at 10am at The Rock in Soulard.  Email for more information.
  • Scout your TV for fitness programs throughout the day.  If you are dedicated to do workouts at home, this would be very convenient.
  • Rent fitness videos from the Library.  This is FREE and you can check them out for as long as you want.  I have purchased videos in the past, used them for a few days and set them aside to collect dust.  This eliminates the cost!
  • Swap your old dusty fitness videos for different ones at Swap-a-DVD.  I like variety when working out so this is perfect for me (If I can dedicate time to actually work out at home, major chore for me!).

I'm sure you have other great ideas for staying fit on a budget.  Post them here and share with everyone!


Amanda Cone said...

You forgot our favorite one:

Teach a dance class! That way you get paid to work out and chase 3 year olds. ;)

Riannon said...


You're right. Do you know of anywhere that needs a teacher? Let me know if you do!


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