Thursday, February 26, 2009

Today's Trouble

So today was quite a fiasco. I went to my site when my son was napping and notices that most of my graphics were replaced by an ugly x in a white box. Not a good sign in my mind.

I then went to my server and got a giant error message that said I exceeded the number of hits it allows and my site was temporarily shut down. It told me it would only be an hour. I just checked, 10 hours later, it is still down.

I called my hubby and he told me to upload onto his. Well...same sad story but different reason. His server crashed with a different error message.

I resorted to purchasing a host server with PLENTY of space so "cross my fingers" this won't happen again. I will not be able to upload to that server until sometime tomorrow though so you may see some funny things between now and then.

So the good is that I have a lot more wonderful viewers of my blog that are utilizing my posts & links! VERY EXCITING! The down side is that now I have to pay monthly, though a small amount, to do what I love. I don't mind, just help me out by spreading the word about my blog and keep the clicks a comin'.

Thanks to all of you who have started following my blog. I really appreciate you!

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