Wednesday, March 4, 2009

FREE Advertising On Other Blogs!

Have you heard of Entrecard?  It is a site where you can upload your blog button and start advertising on other blogs sites.  The other blogs get to do the same on your site.

All you do is sign up, upload your button, start earning points, use your points to get FREE advertising on other blogs!  No money exchange is involved unless you choose to advertise before you have the points.

How do you get the points?  Go to the Campaign tab, see which category interests you, & start visiting other blogs.  When you visit the blog, be sure to find their Entrecard button & click the drop.  You get 1 point for each card you drop.  You also get points for each card dropped on you.  The more sites you drop on, the more will drop on you.  

You get even more points when other blogs decide to advertise with you.  The key to getting the most advertising is to keep your blog updated the best you can.  The more you post, the more likely other advertisers are to advertise with you.

I've had a lot of fun visiting other great sites and seeing what others enjoy to chat about.  There are some very beautiful and colorful blogs.  If you are looking to advertise for FREE, be sure to join me at Entrecard!

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