Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spread the Blog-LOVE in Review!

Thanks to all of you who entered my Spread the Blog-LOVE meme.
It has been great to check out all of your blogs and now I would like to take the time to share what I learned from them.

Be sure to check out all of these wonderful blogs.
I will post several ways to connect with these very talented bloggers.
Leave a comment here to tell me what you think or to share a bit about your blog with others!


The author is a Christian, wife and SAHM of 3.  Her blog has some very fascinating travel experiences that she shares.  She has articles on blog conferences, favorite books and music, daily life with her 3 kids and other kid stuff, and some inspirational poems.  Another thing to mention is that she makes Jendi Jean Bags!  They are really cute, you really should check them out!

Drop an Entrecard


The author is a Christian, SAHM who is new to blogging.  She enjoys knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking and cooking which you are sure to find an article or two on in her blog.  She also blogs about money saving tips, store deals, freebies & giveaways, etc.  One thing her blog has that I haven't seen before is a series called "Wifehood Wednesdays".  In these posts, she talks a bit about being a wife and what it entails.  Check it out, maybe you can relate!


This website is for a book titled Efficient Love by Robert Goodman.  The book is designed to help someone find their "Right" person and have a Happily Ever After of their own.  Curious?  Check it out.  From the author, "My goal with the book is to give you at least one major epiphany, or insight, that will accelerate your Quest of finding your right Hero or Heroine as quickly as possible."  The author is offering the first 3 chapters of the book FREE for download.


Thrifty Jinxy
The writer of Thrifty Jinxy writes for 5 blogs.  This particular one is dedicated to being thrifty.  She posts contests or giveaways, coupons, how to earn money from home, freebies, great deals, holiday gift guides, rebates, recipes, reviews and thrifty tips.  If any of these things interest you, be sure to check out her blog.  If you are a blog writer with a specialty, she is currently looking for guest bloggers!

Drop an Entrecard


The author is a mom of 2 who enjoys couponing and sharing her success with everyone.  She post CVS, Target & Walgreens store deals, coupons, deals, giveaways, and weekly savings.  She also does a few posts on baking, freezing, stockpiling, suppers, menu planning and food wasting.  Be sure to stop in and check out what she has to say.  You just might find something of interest!

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The writer is a mother of 3 with one on the way.  Her blog is a religious blog as well as about her family life.  She did have an interesting post on how to save money on eyeglasses so if you are in need, you may want to check it out!  If you have never seen Disney on Ice, she has some beautiful pictures.  


The author is a mom of 2 who lives in a rural area and has some unusual animals.  Her blog focuses on their rural lifestyle.  She has a fun post about her daughter's pig winning at the fair.  You should check it out, it really is a pretty far as pigs go.


The author and her husband are adoptive parents to 2 boys from the Ukraine and are working to bring home 2 girls as well.  If you are interested in adoption or would like to read about their adventures, be sure to check out their site.  It seems a lot goes into the process of international adoption.  Very interesting read.
Dana and Eve


The author of this blog is married with kids.  Her blog focuses on giveaways.  If you are looking for some great giveaways, check her blog out!  She even posts some other random deals.  She has several buttons to other great bloggers as well.

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