Sunday, June 7, 2009

I Need Organization - In Place System Review

Is there anything room in your home or office that you just look at and say, "Man, what a mess! This needs some organization!"? There is a new organization system that just might work for you. It is called the In Place System and can be purchased at any OfficeMax store. Peter Walsh is the designer.

The main place I have clutter in my home is in the dining room. This seems to be the dump off spot. Everything that gets brought in from the car and all the mail gets dumped onto the table and sits there until there is such a pile that you can't even see the tabletop. This is very frustrating for me and I realized that organization needed to happen. I started using the In Place System Travel Binder. I have each category that mail should go into labeled on individual envelopes. Whoever brings in the mail is to sort it into the appropriate folder immediately. This doesn't completely declutter my table but it is a positive start. I plan to set up the rest of the system in my workroom downstairs. I am excited to become more organized and clean.If you have a home office or run an office, this is a great system to initiate. The picture above shows just a few of the elements to the system. You see the Travel Binder to transport important information from home to the office or from the office to an appointment. There is File Organizer that can be placed into a binder or file cabinet. There is also a Desktop File Sorter to keep your most important files. These should be files that you use very often. Those files that you only look at now and then should be placed in a file cabinet for safe keeping. There is a Portfolio Stand & Portfolio Sleeves for placing your important reports or documents that need to be easily accessible. Finally there are sticky notepads and a pen. The pen is a re-writeable eraser pen. One end is a pen that can write on the plastic of your system. The other end erases the writing so that it can be used for something else.

Peter Walsh also wrote a book called "Enough Already!". This book not only helps you to organize your work space but your mental space as well. He says that in order to stay organized with your workspace, you need to organize mentally. There are several areas in our lives that can get cluttered mentally. These are relationships, family, work, health, money and spirituality. This book offers step by step ways to organize each of these aspects of your life. He not only tells you about things to look for but he offers questionaires and little helpful forms that you can fill out to really allow you to evaluate yourself and your life. I found the book very interesting and useful. Definitely a good read if you are serious about decluttering your lifestyle. You can visit his website and order it here.

Thanks to Peter Walsh and Office Max for the reviewed products and organizational help.

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