Friday, July 24, 2009

Mom on a Vacation 2009

My family and I decided to go on vacation for a week. This is why I haven't posted all of my regular posts. I have been spending the last few days recovering from a sinus infection, bulging disc in my back, a toddler and trying to get everything ready for our trip. I will try to post here and there next week but it won't be as often as usual. If I come across a really great deal, I will try to post if for you.

If you come up with a great deal that I didn't post, please leave it in the comments here and share with everyone. Thanks to all my faithful readers for all your support. Please spread the word about Mom on a Mission 2008 and let me know if there is anything I can do better! Thanks again!


Amy said...

Have a great vacation.

Linnie said...

I enjoy your blog! Have a great vacation and keep up the good work!

cathy said...

Hope you feel better! Enjoy your vacation! Where are you and your family going?

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