Saturday, August 1, 2009

Relaxing Vacations!

Thanks to all of you who wished me a good vacation. I thoroughly enjoyed it! We are actually still in transit home. It felt weird being without internet for a whole week. I felt lost at first and then it kind of felt nice. I focused on spending quality time with my family. It was very pleasant. I spent 3 days with my 91 year old grandma and the other days with my other family. My little guy did wonderfully considering all the different locations we went to, late nights, and lots of new people. It is amazing how resiliant children are!

The picture above is of me petting/feeding a deer at a place called Animal Land in Bemidji, MN. If you ever make it up that way, I would highly recommend this place. We saw several kinds of animals and were able to pet and feed most of them. Of course not the Lions, cougars, bears, raccoons, etc. We were able to pet the deer, goats, camels, llama, kangaroo, etc.

It was great to take the driving slowly and break it up into 2 days. We are staying the night in Iowa at a cute little hotel with a heated pool and hot tub. It was great to end a long day of driving with relaxing swimming. My little guy swam so much he pooped himself right out!

I am excited to get home and again start posting wonderful deals for you, my wonderful readers. I hope you are enjoying your summer. Don't forget to take the time to spend "quality time" with your family. The kids grow so fast and each moment spend with them is a time to cherish. Have a great weekend!

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