Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Angell Organic Candy Bar Review

I recently had the chance to try out some new organic candy bars called Angell bars.  They are awesome!  The company sent me all three of the flavors to try out.  The greatest thing about these candy bars is that they aren't loaded with corn syrup and they are organic!  Who doesn't want a candy bar that they don't have to feel guilty about?  I am a slight chocoholic so these were a breath of fresh air.
The Crisp ones are just that, crispy!  It is made of creamy milk chocolate and rice crisps.  This one is also gluten free for those of you who have to avoid gluten.  It was chewy and crispy at the same time, awesome!
This one was made with dark organic chocolate, cocoa center and almonds for a little crunch.  I am normally not a fan of dark chocolate.  What made this bar good for me was the soft cocoa center and the almonds.  I think the almonds kind of broke up the super dark chocolate idea to me.  It still definitely has the dark chocolate bittersweet taste to it so those of you that like dark chocolate will love it.
Let me tell you, this one was my absolute favorite!!!  This one is made with creamy white chocolate with an organic coconut center.  It was amazing!  I loved the smooth coconut flavor which really added to the white chocolate.  If you like coconut even a little bit, you should definitely try this one!

These candy bars are not available in all areas yet.  You can go to their locator here and see if any stores in your area sell them.  Otherwise, you can buy the Snow Angell and Dark Angell on Amazon.com.  Click the links to order!

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