Monday, March 7, 2011

A 3 Year Old's Must-Have!

I reviewed this book last year but my son was really too young to grasp the concept.  He loved the pictures and wanted me to read him the book but it wasn't until this year that he really got it.  This year was the first year he was to go to the dentist.

About 1 week before his dentist appointment, I grabbed this book back out and read it to him.  He remembered it and really loved it this time.  Each different tool in the book, I was sure to explain to him and let him know that he was going to see all those tools. 

He wanted me to read the book to him several times a day.  By the day of his dentist appointment, he knew what each tool was called and what it does.  When we went in, he was telling the dental assistant what each thing was before she had a chance to.  He was ready.  He was not scared of anything she pulled out.  He thought the whole process was cool, like he was living out his story book.

If you have a little guy that is about to go to the dentist, you may want to consider investing in this book.  It really was neat to see my little guy just glow at all the dental equipment instead of fear it.  He still can't talk about how clean his Melvins are!

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