Monday, March 28, 2011

What Is Your Favorite Thing About Easter?

I absolutely love Spring.  Here where I live, Easter is usually right around the time when Spring is in full bloom.  I love the weather warming up, the flowers & trees blossoming, animals become very active and you can hear kids playing outside.

My absolute favorite thing to do is just step outside and breath it all in.  Nothing is more enjoyable or relaxing than to see Spring come alive.

 It is always fun to see all the kids line up at the mall and wait to meet the Easter bunny.  They are always dressed up so cute in their matching Easter clothing, adorable little hats and bows.  I also enjoy watching a good Easter egg hunt.  It is neat to see even the littlest of kids get so excited to find a hidden egg.

Every year, our family gathers at my mom's house and have an Easter lunch.  After lunch, we sit inside and chat while she goes out and hides the eggs in the yard.  She makes a lot of them really easy to find as our kids are still pretty young.  Some of them she makes more difficult.  We take lots of pictures and video of the kids searching for the eggs.  They each have a basket to fill.  It is really cute to see them fill their baskets to overflow and more eggs fall out then they put in.  This is a tradition that I play to continue and hope my kids will continue it with their children as well.

Don't forget about my annual Easter egg voting contest here on the blog.  The week before Easter, my family gets together one night and we paint eggs.  We try to make original creations.  One egg picture from each family member is uploaded onto my blog and I let my readers vote on which egg is their favorite.  I usually offer a gift card to a store to one lucky person who votes.  Not only is this a fun opportunity for you, my readers, but also bragging rights for my lucky family member.  I have yet to have one of my eggs be a winner :-(.  Last year, my mom's won and the year before my 2 year old won.  Lots of fun is had by all.
Though I love the awesome Easter weather, Spring coming alive, kids enjoying festivities, the real meaning of Easter is always first on my mind.  It is the day we celebrate that Jesus rose from the grave and fulfilled Bible prophecy.  Just like at Christmas, He is the real reason for the season!  Rather than dressing my kids up to go see the Easter bunny, we dress up to go to church and celebrate Jesus with all our friends.

What is your favorite thing about Easter?

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