Monday, September 1, 2008

Menus Monday

Tip #3: Do a 5 Day Meal Plan. "Structure your meal plan. You can do this by designating a theme per week night. Finding recipes that will slot into an evening can be the starting point to great variety during the week."

Monday - Chicken recipe
Tuesday - Beef recipe
Wednesday - Vegetarian or Pasta recipe
Thursday - Slowcooker recipe
Friday - Pizza or Soup recipe
Weekend - Leftovers or Eat Out (These would be great days to pull out the frozen leftovers we discussed last Monday.

Obviously, the items could be changed and you would want to accomodate what your family likes to eat. If there is a day that you know you do not have time to cook, use that day as the leftover day or plan to eat out. For me Wednesday and Thursday are both days that I do not have time to plan. I work those two days and picking up the little one from Grandma's does not leave much time to plan a meal before bedtime. What I may start doing is making one of the nights and eat out night and the other one a slowcooker night. This way we are not spending a lot of money on take out.

Mine will probably look like this:
Monday - Chicken recipe
Tuesday - Pasta recipe
Wednesday - Eat Out
Thursday - Slowcooker recipe
Friday - Vegetarian recipe
Saturday - Pizza recipe
Sunday - Tuna recipe

Do you have any other ideas or things that you do at home? Share your tips or ideas here or link to your site!

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