Saturday, January 31, 2009

Simply "Cycle" Sunday

This week I wanted to talk about how to re"cycle" old office supplies. So lets think, what items are usually in an office stapler/staples, writing utensils, paper/folders, tape, ruler, envelopes, envelope sealers, pencil sharpener, pencil holder, paper clips, push pins, or page clasps.
  1. Staplers & staples can also be used for scrapbooking. If you have a bunch of old staplers and staples laying around, use them to attach things to your scrapbook pages. Instead of using glue or tape, use a staple! I have learned that when you are on a budget, you use what is on hand instead of buying more stuff.
  2. Writing utensils can be used for several things. If you have a pencil and it is getting too small for your to use, give it to your kids (if they are old enough to handle sharp objects). Their hands are smaller and you will get more use out of a pencil.
  3. Paper or old folders can be used several times. If you print something and only use part of the page, use the rest as scrap paper (cut it down to post-it size) or shred it. The shredded paper can be used as packing material if you need to ship anything.
  4. When you use Scotch tape, what do you do with the little ring that is left when the tape is gone? It is perfect size to use as napkin rings. You can use them white like they are or you can decorate them. You can add ribbon or glitter or any other type of material that matches your dinning room decor. The picture below is an example of the type of dispenser.
  5. Rulers can be used for lots of things. Kids love them when they color, they can make straight lines which seems to make them happy. If you have a playroom for your kid/s, you can affix old rulers on the wall long ways up the wall. You can then mark your child's growth on the ruler with a sharpie! The kids will be thrilled. You can use any color of ruler or paint wooden onnes to match the room decor.
  6. Old envelopes can be used to organize receipts. At the end of each week, take all your receipts and place them in an old envelope that can still hold things. Write the week's dates on the front and store your receipts in them.
  7. Envelope sealers can be used in scrapbooking as a stamper. You can dab ink on the end and sponge it onto your paper for colored blots on a page. You can also fill them with accent paints for colored blots. The picture below is the type of sealer.
  8. Pencil sharpeners can also be used as eye liner sharpeners. If you use a pencil liner, these are great! The below picture is an example.
  9. Pencil holders can be used to hold q-tips and cottonballs in your bathroom, small scrapbook items, or crayons for the kids. You can use the holders as they are or paint/decorate them to match your decore.

  1. Paper clips are a great addition to a scrapbook page. You can glue decorations onto the paper clip and attach it onto your page or use them as they are if it fits your theme. You can also use them as a bookmark like in the picture below.
  2. Push pins flatten so easy, don't they? If you have flattened push pins, use them on a scrapbook page as well. The below picture is an example of how you can decorate with them. Just glue them onto the page!
  3. Page clasps can be used to keep your receipts & rebates together until it is time to send them. Just clasp it around them. You can also attach them to scrapbook pages for decoration. Do you see the theme, scrapbooking is fun!!!

What are your ideas? Leave a comment and share them with everyone!

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