Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Denny's FREE Grand Slam Review!

My little one, a friend, her little one and I decided to tackle the crowds at Denny's. There was a long line getting into the parking lot, police directing traffic on the street (which is a 4 lane street), police inside the store telling people where to stand and wait for a table to be ready.

When I pulled in, I got lucky and someone was pulling out so I didn't have to wait more than 5 minutes to park. Once parked, I grabbed the little one and we headed inside. We stepped in the door and couldn't believe what we saw. It was like a can of sardines! We had to squeeze through people to get to the counter to put our name in. The lady stressfully told us it would be 30-40 minutes. We said okay and followed the police direction of where to stand.

While we were waiting, I overheard a waitress (who was VERY upset) talking to her manager. She said that people were ordering the FREE breakfast and drinks and were not paying for their drinks! They were leaving the tickets on the table and walking out!!! I couldn't believe my ears. How rude of people to take advantage of the graciousness of Denny's!!! Really everyone should be thankful that they are getting a FREE breakfast at all and should still pay for their drinks and tip the waitresses! Our waitress was very nice and came back to check on us.

We made sure to order drinks, pay for them, and leave the same tip we would have if we would have paid for the breakfast also! That is the way it should be. Those poor waitresses are working extra hard and still deserve their dues!!!!! I am very disappointed with people that take advantage of a company that is giving. 10 thumbs up to Denny's & their wonderful, hard workers!!!!!!

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