Friday, March 27, 2009

Cutest Puppies Ever!!!

My posting has been less the last couple of days but for good reason. I have been getting my house ready and enjoying 3 new little foster puppies.
This is Do Si Do. She looks like a German Shepard mix. She is very sweet but quite independent. She likes to explore the yard all by herself.
This is Thin Mint. He looks like a Rottweiler mix. He is an extremely sweet little one! He loves to sit on your lap and just be loved on. He will be a very big lap dog someday :)

This cute little thing is Snickerdoodle. She looks like a Labrador mix and is a little bit of dynamite. She loves attention and will ask for it all day long! She will make a wonderful companion for someone someday.

Now that I have gotten to know these little bundles of love for a bit, I really hope I can help find them wonderful homes because they each deserve one!
If you live in the St. Louis Metro area and have been thinking about a dog, keep these little cuties in mind!

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