Monday, March 23, 2009

Mission Possible Mondays!


Last week's mission was to teach your child or a loved one a valuable lesson. Whether this be to teach them something they didn't know that would be valuable to them or to correct them of something they should be doing differently.


This week, I was able to teach my son a few lessons. One was that listening to mommy is important. He is 17 months old and tries his limits. He will push his luck just to see if I will follow through with what I say. Sometimes he does things he isn't supposed to in such a way that appears cute. I realized the importance of not laughing when I need to discipline. No matter how cute he is, I need to make him know that he has to respect me and what he is told.

When he was playing outside this week, he started throwing rocks. He was told that this was not good. We don't want him to get into the habit of throwing things at people or other things. He did it again and looked at me. I told him more sternly that this was not allowed. He tried his luck and did it again. He was then disciplined for it. He started crying and ran to hug me. I did not hug him though it was very hard for me. I told him when he is a good boy, he will get all the hugs he wants but when he is a bad boy, he has to learn. He said "Sosy" which means sorry, then I hugged him. Now when I tell him no, he looks to see that I am serious and thinks twice about doing it.


Complete a book that you started and have put off finishing.


Try to take this week and spend a few extra minutes each day to complete a book that you have started and not completed. If you need to break away to a quiet place for a little while, go sit at the library, bookstore, etc. For some of us, that may be a real task but it is worth a shot right?! Why is this important? Well...I have a bad habit of starting things and setting them aside and starting something else. I am trying to work at finishing things that I start before starting a new task. If you have the same problem, accept this MISSION with me and strive to finish something this week!


Whenever you complete your mission (3/23/09-3/29/09).
1. Grab my MISSION Possible Mondays button from the left side bar.
2. Post about the MISSION and how you completed it.
3. Come back here and enter your post URL into the Mister Linky below. (If you don't have a blog, please leave a comment here with how you completed the MISSION!)

Next Monday, I will report on how I completed the MISSION and will then post a new one.

Do you have a MISSION idea? Email me and yours may be featured!

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