Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"Going Green as a Family" Giveaway #3!

One great way to help the environment is to save on paper products. Rather than paper towels, use rags. Rather than baby or cleaning wipes, use Bummas!

Bummas are just the right size for a soft, eco-friendly baby wipe. Rather than powders or ointments, use a Bumma for your baby's bum. You can use them in place of all of the following:

  • Baby wipes for diaper changings.
  • Paper towels to clean up baby ooopses.
  • Kleenex for baby boogies.
  • Wash cloth for washing tiny babies.

One side of the bumma is soft and smooth and the other side is a little more ruff. The ruff side can be used to wipe off dirtier areas. The soft side is best for little noses and sensitive areas.

A great routine would be to keep your stack of Bummas near the changing table. Use one a little damp to clean up the baby's bottom, use a second one to cover privates to avoid any surprises, a third one to dry the bottom. Rinse off the soiled bummas and throw them in the wash and they are as good as new again!

Bummas are 100% cotton made of woven velour terry cloth. They are a rectangular 5"x7" and are very durable. They are guaranteed to not pill, shrink or fade. You may just need to trim threads after the first wash.

I really like them instead of wipes. Baby wipes are so thin and you usually have to use 3 to thoroughly clean a dirty bum. When you are done cleaning the bum, it is wet from the wipe and if you re-diaper wet, the little one can easily get diaper rash. This will definitely save on money spent on wipes! They are about $6 per pack which gets used up about every month or sooner. The Bummas only cost $16.99. So for the price of less than 3 packs of wipes, you get a set of 10 Bummas in one of 4 color themes. Can you imagine how much money this will save you in a year?

Have you noticed that the price of Kleenex has gone up? They are well over $1 or more per pack. During cold season, one box only lasts a day or less. Bummas are thick and soft, perfect for little noses on the run! My little guy keeps getting a reoccuring runny nose because of the up and down weather. So, not only can you save on the price of baby wipes, you can also save on Kleenex for your little one.

How would you like to win your own Pack of 10 Bummas?

Here is how you can enter to win:

Visit Bummas, then come back here and fill out a form below stating which color you would choose if you win.

Here is how you can get extra entries:

  1. Follow my blog.
  2. Follow me on Twitter, MySpace, Facebook or Technorati.
  3. Tweet or blog about this giveaway or "Going Green as a Family". Be sure to leave the URL in the comments.
  4. Enter one of my other giveaway and list which one you entered in the comments.
  5. Make a purchase from Bummas - Gets you 5 additional entries!

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