Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hip Hop Baby DVD Review

Hip Hop Baby is a creative new way to teach and entertain toddlers & preschoolers through hip-hop style music. It teaches the kids things like their number, ABCs, rhythm songs, coordination & exercise through dance. It uses very upbeat music that makes the kids want to get up and participate right with the kids on the DVD.

My little guy is only 18 months old and he was very fascinated by it. He watched for a little while then stood right up and started dancing. He loves music and is very amused by other kids. It was a little long for his short attention span but enjoyable non the less. It is recommended for ages 2-6 so he is a bit young yet. I can imagine in a year, he will be totally into it!

The music is so catchy, I found myself swaying to it as well. I love that this DVD tries to teach the kids lots of different things in a classy, upbeat way. It is also great that it encourages exercise. I think a lot of kids these days are playing way too many video games and not playing outside and getting exercise. This is one way that we parents can encourage our little ones to be active! Be sure to visit their website and check it out for yourself!

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