Monday, April 13, 2009

Mission Possible Mondays!

Last Monday, I got so busy that I completely forgot to post MISSION Possible Mondays.


The last posted MISSION was to make some change in your home to help the environment. Make a "GREEN" change!


We have been slowly changing out our lightbulbs to energy saver bulbs. Everytime an old lightbulb burns out, we put in an energy saver bulb. It is a slow change but a positive one. We have also started using rags more and less paper towels. The goal is to phase out paper towels completely and just use rags. I have also turned to hemp all natural hair dye instead of the chemical dyes. There is a store called LUSH that sells all natural products. I am really excited about the hair dye. Since it is chemical free, it is safe if you are nursing or pregnant. There are no containers or toxic chemicals which helps the environment. The sack that the hair dye blocks come in is made from recycled material and is biodegradeable. Lastly, in the near future, I plan on composting. Once I figure out which style container I wans to use, I will begin that process as well.


Plant something. Whether this be a flower or a garden.


If you live somewhere where it is still pretty cold at night, you may just need to start your plants, vegetables, or fruits indoors. You can start them as seedlings and let them grow slowly indoors. Place them in a window that gets morning sun. Find a place in your yard that you can begin to prepare for you to transfer your plants. You don't have to completely cultivate, you just need to dig out the sections in which you will drop the plantling and fill with fertilizer or compost.

What does this benefit? Well...number 1 it will benefit your and your family's health. Eating fruits and vegetables that were naturally grown is so much more beneficial health wise. You are not ingesting toxic chemicals, your fruits and veggies will be packed with nutrients that they don't loose in the transport from the grower to the grocer, and you will save money having the supply at your fingertips. I grew cherry tomatoes last year just to see if I could do it. They were MAGNIFICENT! I loved being able to just grab and eat, pull them right off the vine to put in my salad or pasta, and to give to friends and family because there were so many.


Whenever you complete your mission (4/13/09-4/19/09).

  1. Grab my MISSION Possible Mondays button from the left side bar.
  2. Post on your blog about the MISSION and how you completed it.
  3. Come back here and enter your post URL into the Mister Linky below. (If you don't have a blog, please leave a comment here with how you completed the MISSION!)

Next Monday, I will report on how I completed the MISSION and will then post a new one.

Do you have a MISSION idea? Email me and yours may be featured!

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