Sunday, April 26, 2009

Going Green as a Family Giveaway #4!

Have you heard of Shidonni?
It is a new interactive world for your kids to demonstrate their imaginations and creativity. Here, they are able to create a whole world from just their imaginations. This is also a great way to help the environment. Instead of buying coloring books and crayons for your kids, let them really draw and create over and over with no extra cost! This saves on paper and crayons as well as allows them a clean slate whenever they choose!
Here is an example of the drawing that they are able to do in Shidonni. They are given the tools that they can click on and let their imaginations soar. They can draw anything from this ladybug to a space alien or anything else their imaginations may pop out. The program is easy enough for a 5 year old to use and is still captivating for a 5th grader. I had fun playing it!

When I entered Shidonni, I chose to draw a bird. I am not much of a sketch artist so my bird was very simple but with the two buttons you see on the bottom of the screen (see above picture where you see the bird and the horse), your animal or creature comes to life! If your drawing is a flying creature, you would click the bird image. If it is a walking creature, you would click the horse. I was very amazed by how if flew around the screen and made my drawing look good!
Once you have drawn your creature(s) and they come alive, you can bring them to different rooms in their "world". The picture above shows one example of a scene in the world. You can choose several different ones such as puzzles, log ball catch, chutes & ladders, snake, etc.

There are even options for interaction with friends. Your child can have their friends sign up and play the games with them! How fun is that!
Now for the best part, Shidonni basic version is FREE for everyone!!! Here is where the giveaway comes in. If you or your child plays with the Shidonni program and you enjoy it. Don't you think you would enjoy Shidonni Pro? This is an even extended version of Shidonni. There are tons more options for more creativity and learning.

Shidonni has offered 3 months of Shidonni Pro FREE to one of my readers (a $16.95 value)! If you have a child age 4 and up, you can enter this giveaway! All you have to do is visit Shidonni, look around and come back here filling out the form below telling me what you did or didn't like about the program.

Here is how you can get extra entries (be sure to enter the form again for each entry):
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